GatorLeads vs Who is Visiting

Generate and nurture more B2B leads with us

Find out which leads are sales-ready

Instead of just telling you which companies are coming to your website, we’ll rank your leads by how much they’ve interacted with your website. We do this by page and lead scoring. We’ll score each of your web pages according to how close it takes you to a sale. We’ll then show you what each lead has scored, so your sales team can focus on the most interested first.

Get in contact with individuals on your website

We don’t just give you the contact details of the companies on your website. We also give you employees job titles and email addresses at those companies. This way you can contact the key decision makers directly, get past the gatekeeper and speed up your sales cycle.

Track individual movements on your website

Using our PURL technology, you can see what individuals on your website are looking at. PURLs are personalised URLs that you can send in your 1 to 1 emails. When a contact clicks on a PURL from an email you have sent, we can track the contact with cookie technology. From then on, you can see when an individual visits your website and what they look at.

Get a higher match rate’s database is much smaller than our private database, meaning you can’t actually identify all the leads that come to your website. In comparison, we have millions of UK businesses that we keep adding new data to all the time. And if we don’t have them on our database, we’ll scour public databases to make sure we can find who you’re looking for.

Report on your paid for marketing channels

We know that lead generation is equally important for sales and marketing. That’s why we’ve created insights tools that you can use to track which PPC campaigns and social media posts are bringing in the leads from your website. This is the quickest and easiest way to track your marketing campaigns conversion rates and adjust your budget accordingly.

We’ll integrate with your CRM

Our CRM integration is more advanced than our competitors. With us, you won’t just get leads directly into your CRM. You’ll also be able to assign leads to different members of your sales team, get alerts, filter leads by groups, add notes and keep track of where every lead is in the sales cycle.

We’ll integrate with email marketing & automation

GatorLeads is just part of our suite. We also offer email marketing and automation so that you can generate and nurture more website leads. Together, you can turn the majority of your traffic into sales no matter how interested they are in you. Once integrated, you can see which leads need which email campaigns to convert into customers.

Simple T&C’s

In our 14 day free trial, we’ll give you full access to our platform. You’ll be able to see results that you’ll continue to get as long as you’re with us. That’s why our T&Cs are short and sweet. We know our trial will prove the worth of the product, that’s why we have no strings attached. If you aren’t convinced, we’ll say ‘nice to meet you’ and leave you on your way.

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