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A complete B2B marketing automation solution

You want a marketing automation suite that is going to be able to do everything. Not just lead scoring, cookie tracking and email marketing. One that includes other channels such as social media automation and event management. Which is what Spotler offers you. One place to manage ALL your marketing.

Extend your auto-nurturing ability

Don’t just use your email marketing as a lead generation and introduction tool. Instead, use it as an auto-nurture feature. With our CRM integration and workflow tools, your sales and marketing teams can work together to make sure prospects in the pipeline are getting the right messages at the right time, leading to greater conversion rates.

Best-in-class CRM integrations

Because we know how important it is to manage all your marketing data under one roof, we offer some of the best-in-class CRM integrations. These include Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and Salesforce, to name a few. We also have an open API, allowing us to create bespoke CRM integrations.

Best for B2B UK marketers

Unlike SharpSpring, our HQ is based in the UK. This means our support, services and training aren’t offered through a reseller or agency but directly through us. It also means that our IP tracking is more effective.

Your dedicated account management team

As a UK-based company, we also have incredibly competitive SLAs. Our support team are tasked with responding to your queries within 8 hours, 4 if it’s an emergency. You’ll also have on-site training, as well as a dedicated marketing specialist and account manager to help you get started.

We know the price is a factor…

It’s true, SharpSpring seems incredibly cheap in comparison to us. However, if you’re looking for a complete solution, we believe that our price is worth the ROI you’ll see. If you only want to focus on small email marketing lists and easy lead generation, stay with Sharpspring. If you’re looking at making your marketing do more, it’s time to turn to Spotler.

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