GatorLeads vs Ruler Analytics

Taking your website tracking to an individual level

Chase your “hot” leads first

We know you want leads that can convert into sales. So instead of just telling you which companies are coming to your website, we will rank your leads by how much they’ve interacted with your website. Our lead and page scoring methodology will show you which leads are sales-ready.

Our private database has a higher match rate

Our private database has access to more data than the public, out-of-date databases Ruler Analytics rely on. We keep adding new data to our database all the time too. That’s why we guarantee a higher match rate.

Track leads from your 1 to 1 emails

We offer a unique way for you to find out the named contacts on your site by using PURLs. When a contact clicks on a PURL from an email you have sent, we can track the contact on your website with cookie technology.

Track individuals on your website

GatorLeads integrates with our overall CommuniGator platform, giving you one place to manage your sales and marketing pipeline. Once you’ve integrated with our email marketing, you can see which leads come from which email campaigns and improve your marketing even further.

Track leads from social media

With our social media integration, you can go directly to the pages your website leads came from. This is the quickest way of finding the contacts in the company and making a personal connection with your leads.

See companies actual contact details

With GatorLeads, you won’t just be told company names. You’ll also be given the opportunity to acquire direct email addresses and job titles from people in the companies that you can see as leads. That way, you know which key decision makers you need to get in contact with.

Integrate GatorLeads with your CRM

With GatorLeads, you won’t just get leads directly into your CRM. You’ll also be able to assign leads to different salespeople, set up alerts and filter leads for inbound and outbound teams. You can then add notes to each lead and keep track of where every lead is in the sales cycle.

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