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Marketing automation that grows with your business

Here at Spotler, we work on three different levels to make sure our functionality can grow with your business. From lead generation to email marketing and, finally, the full suite when you are ready for it. Oracle Eloqua, in comparison, is better for larger organisations who know how to adapt to a large automation platform from the get-go.


A suite that is easy for your whole team to use

You don’t have to be an email expert or have any accreditation to get started with our suite, unlike Oracle. Our email editor does not require HTML experience because we wanted to make it as simple for you and your teams to use. It’s great for novices and advanced marketer’s alike.

Use our built-in, comprehensive lead generation tool too

Our lead generation tool, GatorLeads, is built-in to feed your marketing automation platform too. It will tell you the individuals at the company visiting your website, their job title and contact details. With this information, you can create more targeted nurture campaigns and sales can be more proactive about contacting your top target accounts.

Best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

Our CRM integration with Microsoft Dynamics is second to none! But if you don’t use Dynamics, our single sign on will also work with our other CRM integrations. Our lead generation platform and email marketing both integrate into your CRM, so you can successfully manage your marketing in one place.

You’ll have a team behind you to help you get started

To get you started on the path to marketing automation, we’ll give you onsite training, a marketing specialist to help you get started and a dedicated account manager. Our account management and technical support teams are all based in the UK, and we work to an 8 hour turnaround time too.

We specialise in UK B2B marketing strategy

We’re not based in the US, so we abide by different marketing regulations and laws. With EU data law changes and the safe harbour act, we make sure our client’s data is always in line with the latest UK data protections. Our software and updates are designed with these laws in mind too.

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