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Spotler or Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is free, right? So why should I choose Spotler ? This is an argument we often hear. And yes, it is true that the basic features of Mailchimp are free, but once you breach the contact threshold and want to do more complete marketing automation, then Mailchimp starts to lack.

With Spotler you opt for a professional marketing automation platform that is tailored to the needs of a B2B marketer. With Mailchimp you get a free tool without any help.

Using Mailchimp violates the GDPR

Privacy Shield declared invalid. What are the consequences for you? Back in August 2020 the EJC (The European Court of Justice) ruled the US-EU Privacy Shield is no longer valid, as it does not offer sufficient protection for EU citizens and their data.

Now (March 2021) a court in Germany has ruled that a that an organisation should not use Mailchimp to send out their e-mail communications, because it unlawfully transmits e-mail addresses outside the EU.
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Here’s Why Marketers Love Spotler

Purchased & Non-Opted In Data

In the Terms & Conditions of Mailchimp, they specify that their system cannot be used with data that has not opted-in to receive your communications. Drastically hampering your lead generation efforts!

Spotler has no such restrictions in the UK. You are legally allowed to email to purchased & non-opted in data as a B2B marketer. You can use Legitimate Interest as your basis for processing those emails.

Reveal contacts and companies

You can build your website with Mailchimp, but it doesn’t give you insight as to which companies or contacts are actually looking at your site

Spotler gives you a complete view on the individuals and companies who visit your website. We also give you the ability to purchase the email address of the people who work at the company which is in your website.

Data Storage

Mailchimp only has servers in America where your data is stored and processed. This does not comply with the GDPR.

All your data is stored securely in the UK. Not shared or transferred to any 3rd parties!

Paid Ads

You can create Paid Ads (Facebook, Insta and Google Ads) from Mailchimp which is a nice feature, but you can only track the leads who form fill via Google Analytics and Mailchimp. The average form fill is 2%… Meaning you are missing out on 98% of your leads!

With Spotler you can create UTMs (this is the universal tracking method) to track all the details of your paid ads including search terms and the companies who have clicked – giving you more leads and a much clearer campaign ROI.


With Mailchimp, four or five unknown companies will share the same domain, so if one of them is blacklisted for sending dodgy content, it will affect your deliverability. This is also a reason they only allow consented data, so their deliverability isn’t adversely affected – but your lead gen capabilities really are hampered.

You get your own dedicated sending domain and we have SendForensics, which will predict deliverability before you send your email campaign. Our AI also uses learns your data and measures audience reactions, which helps you create the most effective email campaigns going forward


Support through a ticketing system. You have access to FAQs, blogs and articles. Only with premium package do you get telephone support.

Through a support system you can get help via phone, email and live chat. You also have access to a help site and great marketing content to push you forward.

Account Management

Self-service, no direct support/account management and guidance from Mailchimp. Although they have some great content, you are kind of left to your own devices.

You get onboarding, product training, template development and a carefree start (data import, account set-up, domain mapping, etc…). You also get a dedicated Account Manager for the duration of your contract!


You pay for every contact in your database. Also the contacts that you are not allowed to email because you no longer have an opt-in or contacts that have bounced.

Like Mailchimp we have a contact based pricing model, but unlike them unsubscribes and hard bounces do not count towards your total.

Read some real-life testimonials of why marketing teams have left Mailchimp to come to Spotler

Mine Ergun
Mark Bignell

Spotler, the best choice for for those wanting more than Mailchimp


Ai-powered software
Spotler is powered by its Ai intelligence and has great user-friendly features for all your marketing automation.


Get a comprehensive start thanks to tailored onbaording & ongoing account management. Started off successfully and continue to be successful with Spotler’s marketing automation.


Spotler integrates with a number of core CRMs and has an open API and middle ware package, meaning whatever system you use we can connect to it


Good security and privacy
With pen tests, IP locks and two factor auth among our security, we have you covered. Also Spotler works in accordance with UK and European privacy legislation.


Need help with something? No problem, contact our support team by phone, live chat or email. Quick responses and resolutions time gets you sending sooner


Marketing Services
Spotler offers core marketing services from template design and automation builds to content production and SEO – so if you need a little extra help we’ve got the skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mailchimp is a big brand, why should I choose Spotler?

Mailchimp is well known and used, and can work well for you if you are just looking to send an occasional email. The big disadvantage is that it is an American software company where you hardly get any guidance and support. At Spotler, we do things differently. We have been helping our customers become successful with marketing automation since 2005. We now do this for thousands of marketers and in the UK and further afield.

We’re a small company. So is Spotler suitable?

Although we don’t have free packages like Mailchimp, we do offer various packages with which you can grow. Even if you don’t have many contacts (we can help you acquire some!), Spotler is a good choice for your marketing and communications. We also offer support and guidance through our account manager and weekly ‘top tips’ series so you can get more from your marketing.

Can I easily get started with Spotler?

Yes, Spotler will help you get started. We will set up your account, create templates in your brand, get web forms ready for your site and sort any technical settings for you. Of course you also get help setting up your CRM integration and user training is included. You get an account manager who gives advice to help you successfully on your way.

Great tools at your disposal

Use the Spotler software to create engagement across channels and touchpoints

Good landing pages have no distractions, no noise, no fluff – just the action you want the buyer to take.

Often on your main website you have multiple CTAs, and that is precisely why a landing page is a good solution to get the best conversions from your emails and PPC campaigns.

So get more newsletter sign ups, downloads of your brochures and basket checkouts? Make sure you use our conversion-oriented landing pages.

You can easily create web forms and surveys in Spotler.

Place them on a high converting landing page so that your target audience can easily register for an event, sign up for a newsletter, request documents or simply participate in your customer satisfaction survey.

With our drag and drop editor, you can easily drag every question to the right place and get the layout you want.

Pop-ups work so well at converting visitors! 

Strategically place them on your website to collect your visitors email addresses. You can design the pop-up completely in your house style and decide for yourself where and when the pop-up appears. 

You can’t increase your reach any easier and pop-ups are proven to increase conversions and lower bounce rate!

All marketers should want to segment their database and created targeted groups.

For example, groups such as men, women, customers, prospects, interests, etc. With Spotler this is easy with our group builder, so you can create your target groups and segments to send personalised campaigns to.

Segment on all and any characteristics that are in the database and send emails with customised dynamic content. And the more relevant you are to the recipient, the greater the chance of conversion.

Spotler also offers options for sending SMS messages. With the correct permission and mobile numbers in your database, you can run SMS campaigns in a fun, personal way.

Easily compose and send SMS messages to large target groups. Make it personal and even set them up as part your automatic campaigns along side emails communications.

Purchased data Vs Opt-In data 

In the Terms & Conditions of Mailchimp, they specify that their system cannot be used with data that has not opted-in to receive your communication. This proves difficult for most B2B companies who grow their audience through third party or purchased lists. You will not have this issue with GatorMail. Check out your compliance with Mailchimp’s Ts & Cs. If you don’t comply with these terms (e.g. if you are using email lists without individual consent or you are sending email to generate leads) you risk being blacklisted.  

Identify contacts who visit your site  

GatorLeads gives you a complete view on the people who visit your website. Not just company or IP address but their full contact details. And it will give each visitor a lead score depending on how many pages they view. That means you can send a nice list of warm leads to your sales team on a regular basis to keep them busy.    

Much better deliverability with Spotler 

With Mailchimp, four or five unknown companies will share the same domain, so if one of them is blacklisted for sending dodgy content, it will affect your deliverability. GatorMail gives you your own dedicated sending domain and we have SendForensics which will predict deliverability before you send your email campaign. Our platform also uses AI to learn your systems and measure audience reactions, which helps you create the most effective email campaigns going forward. 


Track leads from PPC campaigns 

If you’re spending money on PPC campaigns, you can only track the leads who form fill.  You can create UTMs via Spotler to track all the details of your campaign including search terms and who has clicked, giving you a much clearer campaign ROI. Mailchimp can’t help you here. 

Brand Awareness Vs Lead Generation 

Mailchimp is great for sending a weekly Newsletter to your current customers but if you want your prospects to turn into customers – and quickly – you are going to need a different platform that helps to generate leads. And that is what Spotler does best.   

B2B vs B2C  

The needs of a B2B business are different to those selling directly to consumers.  Gatormail was created for B2B companies and all the functionality has been designed around those specific needs. The B2B buying cycle can be longer than a consumer decision and usually requires back-up from your sales team. Mailchimp is like shooting in the dark. Our platform gives you the night vision goggles to clearly view those buyers, which helps you track, understand and convert them.   

All systems in one place.   

If you want to manage and automate all of your marketing channels with one platform and make your life easier, our platform can do that. We have a tool with which you can manage your social media channels and another which helps to organise your events. With Mailchimp, you have so many separate systems to co-ordinate and manage and they don’t necessarily integrate or help each other to maximise performance. CommuniGator takes the hard work out of B2B marketing, giving you more time to work on new ideas.    

Understanding the journey of customers and leads  

Tracking your customers and leads from the start of your campaign through your website and to the point of sale, enables you to understand their journey so you can tailor your future campaigns to work more effectively. With Mailchimp, you can see the clickers but with Spotler you can see all the various touchpoints which helps to understand them and their information needs. That’s valuable data.   

UK-based Support and 5* reviews for Service 

The Spotler Support Team are available 24/7 to support you on email, phone or live chat. Mailchimp are based in the US so if you have an issue with their system, you might not get a quick response or resolution. We don’t always like to blow our own trumpet, so check out the reviews on TrustPilot for Spotler vs. Mailchimp. 

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.