GatorLeads vs IP Lead Lander

Lead generation and ROI reporting made easy.

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Private Database = Higher Match Rate

Lead Lander uses public databases to determine the companies on your site, but this data is often out of date, giving you a lower success rate. Our huge private database, however, is regularly updated and we keep adding new information all the time.

We’ll Rank your Leads for You

We won’t just tell you which companies are coming to your website – we’ll actually rank how much they’ve interacted and what they’ve interacted with on your site. We use webpage scoring to figure out which leads you should contact based on which high scoring pages they’ve visited.

We’ll offer you company contact information

We won’t just give you a company name – we’ll give you contact details, too, which is more than most lead generation providers. Our tools give you the opportunity to acquire direct, individual email addresses. Once you’ve found a suitable lead, you can purchase their email and get selling.

1 to 1 email tracking to give you more leads

Using our PURL (personalised URL) technology, you can track contacts who click through to your website with our cookies. Working with all email platforms to provide you with specific contact information, we’ve even developed it to tag contact machines so that you can see individual interactions with your website.

We’ll give you an integrated email marketing platform

With CommuniGator and GatorLeads combined you can see who your individual leads are, as well as what campaigns they’ve come from. As soon as you have the email address of a high ranking lead, building customer relationships that bear sale after sale will be a piece of cake.

Our CRM integration is effortless

GatorLeads won’t force you to switch CRMs, we can work great with just about any of them. With our integration it’s easy to manage leads, assign them to sales team members, and even filter inbound and outbound leads. Keep track of leads with ease, & set up alerts so you know when to strike.

We offer social media integration

See which PPC, Google Adwords, and Tweets are working best for you, as well as who you’ve got coming to your website from these platforms. We can show you exactly which posts they’ve come from, so you can get in contact with prospects as soon as you’d like.

Get an all access pass, no strings attached

Lead Lander might have a 14 day free trial just like us, but we won’t hide anything from you. We’ll give you a full demo and access to the platform so you can see if GatorLeads will work for your sales team. We know you’ll see the ROI potential as soon as you try it.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.