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Manage more than just email marketing

With our full suite of technology, you get lead generation software as well as an email marketing platform, social media management and more. For B2B marketers who are looking to generate and nurture leads across their marketing channels, Spotler is the platform for you.

We’re the best for B2B marketers

Rather than focusing on B2C retail large senders, our platform is designed for B2B SME and Enterprise companies looking to grow their marketing and report on it all in one place. Abiding by UK marketing regulations and laws, our software and updates are designed with these laws in mind.

Work with an advanced email editor

No more clunky screens or knowledge of HTML needed to build your email campaigns! In fact, with GatorCreator – our drag and drop editor – and GatorWorkflow, anyone can create intricate email campaigns in a matter of minutes. Rules, conditions, timings – you name it, it’s all included in our latest email marketing update.

Start nurturing your website leads…

As part of our marketing automation platform, we include lead generation technology that allows you to see who is coming on your website. With our web scraping tool and cookie tracking, you can identify the individuals from the companies on your website and start nurturing them with our auto-nurture feature too.

Prioritise your sales pipeline

With our lead and page scoring capabilities feeding into your email campaigns too, you can now prioritise your pipeline. Send hot leads straight through to sales and nurture warm and cold leads with automated campaigns.

Ask your account management team for help!

Here at Spotler, we’re all about helping you get the most out of your marketing automation suite. It’s why we offer on-site training, a marketing specialist to get you started and an account manager. We’ve also got a UK support team that’ll deal with any issues within 8 hours.

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SpotlerUK is more than just software. You get unrivalled support and service and we help you implement a playbook for marketing automation and lead generation success. Schedule a demo without obligation and we'll happily discuss and show you how you can utilise marketing automation for your organisation.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.