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Spotler’s software focuses on B2B marketing not B2C marketing. Our tracking capability and its Ai intelligence boosts Spotler above dotdigital for your marketing. Offering a full marketing automation suite, Spotler adds lead generation, email marketing, event management, social media, survey, IP tracking and more to your marketing strategy.

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No restriction with cold data or purchased data

As a marketer, being able to send emails to purchased lists under ‘legitimate interest’ is crucial. You cannot do this with dotdigital.

You want to be able to nurture all your contacts from CRM, including those that the sales team have entered manually – as long as they meet your killer values. One of the purposes of marketing is to nurture cold data contacts and warm them up in order to serve them to the sales team once they are ready to engage.

Convert more website visitors

The way people do business has considerably changed over the last decade. Most buyers will do their own research online before contacting a potential provider. The companies who have already visited your website are the most likely to convert and are therefore the best to target.

Dotdigital cannot show you these unless the person has been already been cookied. So, it doesn’t really help with lead generation. We can show you who is on your website before they identify themselves.

Grow your database faster!

We all know that automation starts with someone filling in a form. dotdigital has a web form builder, but they cannot trigger PopUps. Their system relies on web forms imbedded in your website.

Studies have shown that PopUps are thirteen times more effective at generating clicks and opt-in subscribers than standard banners. Therefore, adding it to your design is a fantastic way to increase followers, get more opt-ins or market a product or service.

Increase ROI from your paid ads

Like most marketers, you are probably doing a lot more than sending email campaigns. Tracking the ROI from PPC and LinkedIn campaigns can be challenging. Although, with dotdigital you might be able to track the traffic source if  the visitor fills in a webform, a decent form fill rate is only between 3-5%. This means that for every 100 clicks, you will get 3 to 5 leads identified that you could pass on to your sales team.

Through its powerful IP tracking software, Spotler will enable your campaigns to work better and have a more accurate way to track your ROI.

AI powered marketing

Most marketers will include links in their emails in order to drive traffic back to their websites. The average CTR for cold data and lead generation campaigns tends to be just under 1%.

With our Ai powered marketing automation platform you can achieve much better than that! Start creating better content, more engaged contacts and get improved CTRs. You will start to see the reading age of you audience, what’s engages them and what things to change to improve those CTRs.

Extend your ability to nurture leads with email marketing

From a purely email perspective, dotdigital is great. But if you’re looking at introducing lead nurturing that reacts to prospects behaviour, Spotler is the provider for you. We’ll track web visits directly for you, so you’ll be able to send email campaigns based on what your leads are actually doing. It’s ideal for B2B marketers.

Prioritise your email marketing campaigns

We know that there is no point sending out emails if you don’t know where your leads are in the buyer journey. That’s why we use our lead scoring and web tracking tools in conjunction with our email marketing platform. It gives you a more tactical way to plan your email marketing campaigns.

We believe CRM integration is crucial

It’s why we offer the best-in-class CRM integration for a number of top CRMs including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and NetSuite. While dotdigital can offer you integration options, our development team has worked hard to make sure our integration is as seamless as possible. There’s no monthly maintenance fee attached to the integration either.

Manage all your marketing in one place

Like we said, for email alone, dotdigital is good. But for the B2B marketer that wants to manage lead generation, social media, events, customer marketing and more in one place, Spotler is ideal. With all your marketing channels hosted in one place, you’ll be able to spend more time on aligning your marketing strategy across the board.

An account management team to support you

After you’ve signed up with us, you’ll be given a dedicated marketing specialist to train you up, an account manager to help you out and you’ll have our support team on hand to help too. We have some of the most competitive SLA’s in the industry because we know how important it is to you that your campaigns run smoothly and on time.

Make email marketing part of your sales process

How do you know when someone is ready for a sales call if all your data is not being fed back into the same place? With our website tracking, CRM integration and multi-channel approach, Spotler can help every aspect of your marketing. Elevate your email marketing with us.

Public Battlecard – dotdigital vs Spotler

dotdigital is a pure email marketing platform, who can nurture prospects based on email behaviour alone. In comparison, Spotler is the complete B2B marketing automation suite.

dotdigital in the marketplace

Typically, dotdigital focus on the B2C retail market. Their email platform has good functionality but they don’t offer a full marketing automation platform like Spotler.

Spotler in the marketplace

We’re great if you want to do lead generation with your email marketing, particularly when nurturing web visitors. We offer you a complete platform, allowing you to manage all your marketing in one place. You’ll also receive dedicated support and account management.

Pricing Comparison

Middle of the range for the industry, dotdigital cost less than us but offer fewer features too. Sometimes they base cost on the volume of emails, others might get a 12 month contact then rolling – it depends on your situation.

Why you should choose Spotler instead

  • Our CRM integration is best-in-class for leading CRMs
  • We don’t charge a monthly maintenance fee for integration
  • We answer support queries promptly
  • We track web visits directly
  • You can use purchased data lists with us
  • We have lead scoring & tracking functionality
  • We offer social media management, event management & extra marketing channel tools
  • We’ll give you your own account management team that will look after you throughout your time with Spotler.

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