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Spotler is a fully fledged marketing automation platform that offers a whole new level of detail and flexibility.

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No restrictions with cold data

A good way of breaking the ice with any new contact is to send an automated campaign that helps to connect them to your brand. ClickDimensions only lets marketers target contacts that have opted in and agreed to receive your marketing information.

Spotler is a lot more flexible and allow marketers to target their non opt-in data. We let you send emails to your purchased lists as long as you are targeting business email addresses and can assign them as having a legitimate interest in your products and services.

Supercharge your outbound campaigns

A better match rate

Using IP tracking software, ClickDimensions has the capability to identify which IP addresses visit your website. However, as a US based company, the IP match rate for the UK is poor. A disappointing aspect of the tracking software is that often only the IP number is displayed. A contact is only identified if they have clicked on a tracked link from an email or completed a form on the site. So, it does not really help with lead generation.

Spotler boasts a match rate higher than most other IP tracking software, including ClickDimensions. When a company has been identified, Spotler can also provide you with insight such as the company address, website, turnover, number of employees and a list of key employees by job title.

Start tracking from the first click

A powerful integration with MSD

Spotler is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics so you can automatically retarget contacts you have in CRM from the companies that were identified on your website. Unlike ClickDimensions, the integration between Spotler and Microsoft Dynamics will enable you to pass on key information, such as page visits, lead score, web source, events attended and form completions.

That information can also trigger automated email campaigns to be sent to them. You can therefore nurture contacts with content relevant to their interests based on their browsing history. Your sales team can use the integration between the software to tailor their pitch based on the content prospects have viewed, increasing the conversion rate of sales.

Nurture your leads to buy

Track ROI from your paid ads

Although with ClickDimensions, you can track the traffic source if the visitor form fills, a decent form fill rate is only between 3-5%. This means that for every 100 clicks, you will get 3 to 5 leads identified that you could pass on to your sales team. Through its powerful IP tracking software, Spotler will identify visitors that have come from a paid ad and did not fill in the form, which provides the sales team with way more leads and tracks your ROI more accurately. Through UTM tracking, Spotler can also provide you with the search term that was used to find the ad. This will help the sales team to tailor their telephone pitch.

Justify your PPC spend

Improved deliverability

ClickDimensions have an inbox rendering tool and spam checker. This is now a standard feature available in most Email Service Providers. The spam filter will show spam scores for different spam filters. However, it is basic. Spotler, on the other hand, has a very powerful tool that can predict the deliverability of your campaigns before you send them.

Will you make it to the inbox?

Automatic workflows

Automation is available in both ClickDimensions and Spotler in the form of workflows. However, there is a big difference in terms of the way the integration works. In ClickDimensions, you can add a member to a specific static marketing list but once the contact has entered the workflow, they cannot be automatically removed. With Spotler, as soon as the CRM record is changed from prospect to customer, the campaign to that record stops. With ClickDimensions, this is not possible, and every member will need to be removed manually.

Relax and let the work flow

Bespoke CRM Integrations

When it comes to CRMs, Spotler has a far wider scope than ClickDimensions. Having the functionality to integrate to not only the major players, in MSD, NetSuite, and Salesforce (among many others), but also any bespoke CRM – no matter how unique.

The synchronisation between lead generation software and marketing automation can filter contacts into a nurture series when they reach certain criteria. This automatically encourages a company’s interest and desire.

What a marketing automation platform should do – is be able to automate with your CRM and prevent as much manual work and human error as possible.

Customers comes first

ClickDimensions offers online and phone support if you have an issue. Whilst you can contact someone quickly; things can often get lost in transmission. The support is limited online through the software and they do not offer any account management.

At Spotler, you can access the support team by phone or email. We have an onboarding team, technical experts and product consultants available to help. Spotler customers are also given a dedicated, named account manager to guide them through any queries and listen to feedback.

Software with a service

The most competitive UK service SLAs

Because we’re a UK company, all our support is UK based too. We have an 8 hour response time compared to ClickDimensions‘ 1 day, and you can phone, email or live chat to us. We also have our deliverability team on hand to help you out with your email delivery – something our competitors don’t offer.

Public Battlecard – ClickDimensions vs Spotler

With ClickDimensions, you can create everything from CRM. It’s an ideal marketing automation suite for US marketers.

Spotler, in comparison, is your complete B2B marketing automation solution that is ideal for UK marketers.

ClickDimensions in the marketplace

As a US-based marketing automation company, ClickDimensions are ideal for US, Microsoft Dynamics users.

Spotler in the marketplace

Based in the UK, we are ideal for UK B2B marketers who want to use our lead generation tools to make their lead nurturing more effective. Our social automation, event management and dedicated UK account management team allow us to offer you the complete package.

Pricing Comparison
Above average for the industry, ClickDimensions cost less than Spotler but offer fewer features too.

Why you should choose Spotler instead

  • Our IP tracking for the UK is more effective
  • Our lead and page scoring allow you to auto-nurture your website leads in the right way
  • Our email editor requires no previous HTML experience, and we offer an inbox rendering tool too
  • Our CRM integration for Microsoft Dynamics is far better and more in-depth than Click Dimensions
  • We have additional tools such as social media automation, event management and survey software that allow you to truly manage your marketing in one place
  • Our support is UK based, meaning you’ll get a response within the first 8 hours
  • You’ll have a dedicated account management team throughout your time with Spotler too!

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