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Identify more than just 20% of your website traffic.

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Get a higher lead match rate

We know that we can identify more than 90% of B2B website traffic because we’ve done it before. It’s all down to our private database with millions of UK business contacts. We’ll identify the companies on your website, so you’re getting in contact with the most important and relevant website traffic.

Receive direct contact information

We’ll start by telling you who the companies on your website are, along with their contact details so you can focus on the businesses you want to work with. From their industry to their financial data and employees – we’ll reveal it all. We’ll even go so far as to identify employees, their job titles and their email addresses. That way, you can get in touch with the key decision makers.

We’ll customise lead scoring for your website

We base our lead scoring on what your leads look at on your website and when. We customise it by using page scoring on your website. For example, you can rank certain product or services pages higher if you believe they show a higher level of buyer interest. Then our technology will track all leads and score them so your sales team knows who to get in contact with first.

Track individuals on your website

Using our personalised URL feature (PURLs), you can also track the individuals on your website. Simply insert a PURL in a 1 to 1 email and when your contact clicks on it, they’ll be tagged and tracked with our cookie technology. That way you’ll know when they’re on your website and what they’re looking at.

See where your leads are coming from

With our tracking technology, we can also tell you which marketing campaigns your leads are coming from. Whatever marketing campaign you want to track, including social media and PPC, we can tell you which leads have come from which campaign. Making your marketing campaigns that much easier to measure and calculate ROI on.

Programme your email campaigns with us

Our lead generation software also integrates with our email marketing and automation software. With automated email marketing integrated, you can generate even more leads. The more you automate, the more you’ll be able to generate and track where leads come from, as well as nurture them into closed customers.

We’ll integrate into your CRM

We won’t just send your leads directly into your CRM. No, we’ll give you even more information. From their website activities to their score and who owns the account. You’ll be able to assign leads within CRM, alert them, filter by groups or add them to an email campaign. You can keep track of your lead generation easily from within your CRM.

Get 14 days free access

We’ll let you trial GatorLeads, for free, for 14 days with all-inclusive access to the platform. You’ll get to use the product as if you’ve bought it. We hide nothing from you and will make sure one of our sales consultants gives you an extra demo to show you everything you possibly need. That way you’ll see the same lead results even when the trial is over.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.