So the dinosaur has gone extinct...

Spotler can help. We’ve got the platform to suit your B2C and B2B needs.
We’re a Netsuite partner and we’re not going anywhere!

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Spotler or Bronto?

Option 1: A professional marketing automation platform (we’re  a Netsuite Trusted partner to boot) tailored to the needs of a B2C, eCommerce and B2B marketer? Or…

Option 2: No email automation. Bronto is a company coming to the end of its life and about to shut down completely?

There really isn’t any need for comparison, but we’ve got one below and you might also like the video 😉
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Don’t want to start from scratch?
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Welcome automation

Don’t leave it days… say hello straight away when you get a new subscriber.

Abandoned cart

Give your customers a nudge about the stuff they left in their shopping cart.

First-time purchase

Make sure you say ‘thank you’ when a customer makes their first purchase.

After sale follow-up

After someone buys something, recommend relevant products or get feedback and reviews.

It’s your Birthday

So let’s party! Provide exclusive offers and say happy birthday.

Retargeting emails

Remind visitors about the stuff they saw on your site and encourage them to purchase.

See how Spotler stacks up
against Bronto

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Here’s Why Marketers Love Spotler

Website Personalisation

Although Bronto could do product recommendation via emails, it could never change the content on your website. As it is end of life, it never will!

With Spotler you have the capability to change the content on your website based on data points you have on the visitor! So you know they just brought some shoes, when they next visit you can personalise the page about shoes.

Netsuite Integration

Bronto and Netsuite are both owned by Oracle, and even though there was a connector between the two, you didn’t really get a full and single customer view… And nor will you with Bronto’s demise.

Spotler is a Netsuite Trusted partner and we can push all the useful data back into your Netsuite CRM. So now you can see all those web views against a record and do some really cool segmentation for your campaigns.

Paid Ads

Bronto’s paid ad tracking was basic and didn’t make full use of UTMs. Now Bronto is shut down there’s no scope for improvement on this front!

Understanding your campaign ROI with Spotler is a breeze. UTMs allow you to see exactly which ads on which channels are driving visitors to your website. And we can even show you some of the individuals and companies that don’t convert straight away.

Purchased & Non-Opted In Data

Bronto treated purchased data with disdain. And look where it got them!

Spotler has no such restrictions in the UK. You are legally allowed to email to purchased & non-opted in data as a B2B marketer.

Reveal contacts and companies

Bronto doesn’t offer lead scoring or page scoring, so even if you know who’s visiting your website, you can’t use that information.

Spotler gives you a complete view of the individuals and companies who visit your website. Even if they are not logged into their account.


Support with Bronto seems to be good – we cannot say it wasn’t as we have never had the pleasure of using it. BUT, Bronto is no more and therefore you will have no support!

You can reach us through online chat, email or phone, and our helpsite is regularly updated with tips and best practices to solve quick queries with no fuss.

Account Management

Although Bronto had support and strategist sessions, you didn’t really have ongoing account support and marketing help.

Spotler has a dedicated Onboarding team that will make sure you have everything you need from Day 1. Then your Account Manager will pick up the baton with regular check-ins and advice.

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Mine Ergun
Mark Bignell

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Spotler, the best choice for for those wanting more than Bronto


Get up and running – FAST
Set up meaningful personalisation from Day One by having all your historic sales, product and customer data automatically turned into instant lifecycle marketing segments and insights for you.


Unify data & unlock personalised marketing
Your ability to segment and personalize cross channel marketing campaigns is taken to the next level. Connect your product, marketing and sales data and take your first step towards delivering true 1:1 marketing.


Spotler integrates with a number of core CRMs and has an open API and middleware package, meaning whatever system you use we can connect to it


Good security and privacy
With pen tests, IP locks and two factor auth among our security, we have you covered. Also Spotler works in accordance with UK and European privacy legislation.


Improve engagement & Loyality
Using powerful personalisation, serve up more relevant, targeted content to specific audiences and increase conversions by offering the right message, at the right time.


Built to scale as you grow for B2C or B2B
Powerful lead scoring and segmentation capabilities are uniquely designed to work with any business model marketers support today or in the future.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.