Spotler compared to Aurea (Lyris)

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Engage your audiences at every level

Aurea will help you engage with your email marketing audiences, but Spotler will go one better with our complete B2B marketing automation platform. Engage website visitors, email audiences, your social media followers, event attendees and current customers. Our product is designed to influence every aspect of your marketing – not just your email.


A marketing automation suite built for lead generation

Email marketing alone is good for lead nurturing, but lead generation is part of a B2B marketer’s job too. That’s why our lead generation tool is built-in to the suite to feed your email marketing and other automated marketing campaigns with website visitors. Feed website leads directly into an auto-nurture campaign and watch them move closer to a sale.

Get an ROI on your untraceable marketing channels

With our UTM tracker, you can see which website leads are coming from your social media, PPC and other previously untraceable channels. This way, your sales team can make sure they are chasing up the leads that are costing your marketing team money first!

Offering you our best-in-class CRM integration

You don’t have to change your CRM in order to integrate with us. However, if you do change your CRM, we integrate with a range of models. We’re the best in class integration platform for a host of big CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and Salesforce to name a few. We even offer bespoke CRM integrations.

We’re the best for UK B2B marketers

We’re not based in the US, so we abide by different marketing regulations and laws. With the safe harbour act as well as the EU GDPR changes, we make sure our client’s data complies with latest UK data protections. Our software and updates are designed with these laws in mind too.

Our UK SLAs are the most competitive on the market

You can expect a response within 8 hours of raising a query with our account management or technical support teams. 4 hours if it is an emergency! With a UK base and face-to-face training sessions, our customers get the best support available.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.