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At CommuniGator we have extensive experience of working with emails. We know a thing or two about email marketing from creating emails day in day out, whether it’s for ourselves or our budding customers. There’s a lot to consider, from subject lines to content to deliverability. And for your email to be the best it can be, you can’t afford to ignore even one. To offer the helping hand we pride ourselves on, we’ve broken down the primary aspects of creating the perfect email campaign into sizeable chunks. And we’ve outlined how CommuniGator can help you achieve this goal. 

Content Curation 

If your message isn’t relevant your prospects will switch off in seconds. Your offer needs to be immediately obvious, and engaging enough to draw prospects in, without giving away too much information that there’s just no need to look any further. It’s a fine line to tread, and every word needs to add something substantial.  

Subject Lines: The first insight into your company. You need to grab your leads attention in 3 seconds, or you’ll be resigned to the ‘deleted items’. It needs to be interesting and enticing. It can be a tricky business getting it right, so take a look at 5 sure-fire words to work into your subject line. And don’t forget the pre-header, an extension of your subject line, where the extra information your subject line couldn’t hold can be added. 

Readability: Prospects will be looking for easy to digest content to consume. If your text is overly convoluted and complicated, it can act as a deterrent. Using AI software, you can identify what reading level your audience responds to best. Get your tone responsive to your prospects to boost the interactions, and so sales.  

Personalisation: Speak to your leads. They don’t want to feel like just another number, make them feel personally addressed. Add dynamic content to pull in custom information, use personalised images, and use different content blocks to make the email specific to the individual.  

The Ultimate Design 

Design architecture can vary greatly. There’s unlimited stylised options or standard outlook to choose from. But so much can vary between design types, and should all be dependent upon the audience targeted. 

No HTML knowledge, no problem: If you can imagine it, I wager you can achieve it. With GatorCreator, our drag and drop email editor, you can use a multitude of blocks and functions to achieve exactly what you’re after. You can even get a head start from our template library with over 30 pre-made designs to customise to your requirements.  

Call To Actions: The action points of your emails. Where you want to direct your reader’s attention. Make them evident and clear. Consider your email layout, and where your CTAs are placed. People read left to right, top to bottom, and skim read. So align your CTAs to the left, and different to your text to manipulate what your readers are drawn to. People are lazy, make your CTA easy to find, keep it above the fold.  

Finishing Touches 

Once you’ve created your email, don’t lose the impact at the final hurdle. Optimise your campaign for the right people, at the right time. Segment your audience lists into smaller pots which help get across the message the audience wants to hear.  

Automate the Process: Using workflows the lead can set the pace and direction of their interactions. Emails can be triggered to send when particular actions are completed, without any human interaction.  

Beat the Spam Filter: Using AI, SendForensics and Inbox Checker, you can optimise your email, ensuring it is delivered into the inbox, rather than suspended to the spam folder.  

A snapshot of what makes a great email isn’t always enough. Whilst you’ve got the overview, there’s more detail on all things needed to create the perfect email.  Our whitepaper on the topic explains how to maximise your email marketing efforts to boost your lead generation. 

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