GatorLeads Feature: PURL’s

GatorLeads founding principle of being able to identify companies that have been on your website, then rate their potential through lead scoring, has just got even better thanks to personalised URL’s or PURL’s for short. This means that you can track your 1 to 1 emails while marketing takes care of the 1 to many.

So, what is a PURL?

A PURL is a URL which carries the identity of the person you are wishing to track. When the target contact at a specific company clicks on the PURL, this will initiate the “cookie” technology that we have developed. From here that contacts machine will be tagged, meaning that their first click through to the PURL will be tracked, along with any subsequent visits back to your website.

On the GatorLeads platform, you can then measure the success of that PURL and see the individual’s specific interactions on your website, along with their lead score and lead view. The lead view will show you the multiple contacts that have engaged with that PURL, giving that company a total lead score to give you the ultimate view of your website, along with the individual buying behaviour of those people you have targeted.

This is ideal for your sales team, who have got the contacts for a company from GatorLeads company and contact profiles and wants to target them individually, but track what they are doing and whether they are following their links. They just need to simply build and deploy a PURL.

How do I make a PURL?

The most important thing to remember when you are making a PURL is that by definition they are personal. Therefore, a URL needs to be created for every individual that you are wishing to track.

Simply fill out the PURL builder with the relevant information of the person you want to target and the page you want tracking. Once you have generated your PURL don’t forget to shorten it with our built in URL shortener to make things that bit quicker for you, now you have your PURL ready to put into out email in Outlook.

If you want more information on PURL’s and trackable URL’s, read our guide on UTM values.

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