GatorLeadsFeature: Page and Lead Scoring

Unlike similar platforms, who base a site visitor’s interests on the amount of time spent on your website and pages, GatorLeads will score your pages, and therefore your leads, based on what they are actually looking at.

What does this mean?

Essentially, someone may land on your site, get up and make a coffee, have a chat with a colleague and come back to their desk 10 minutes later. That’s why judging someone’s interest based upon time spent on your site, does not give an accurate reading of their interests.

Whereas, GatorLeads allows you to score your pages so that when someone lands on your site, they will begin to build up a lead score as they navigate through their buyer & website journey. From here, you will see who your leads are based on how active they have been on your website. The more they have been looking at, the “hotter” the lead.

We page score your web pages by calls to actions. Therefore, your homepage will have the lowest page score, but your contact form, pricing and request a demo/sample/catalogue etc. pages will have much higher scores, in order to reflect a true picture of a site visitors interest in your product or services.

By being able to see who your “hottest” leads are, your sales team can focus their primary efforts on these visitors. You can also set alerts to notify you or a particular member of your sales team when you have a new “hot” lead, or when a current one returns to your website.

Other key advantages and benefits that you can get from this feature are:

  • The ability to enhance your SEO and PPC campaigns by seeing how your hottest leads find and navigate through your website.
  • Being able to look at the usability and navigation to your website for future improvements.
  • Lead nurturing:
    • target the companies that show the highest interest in your business
    • target the companies based on times that they visit your website

If you’re interested in implementing page and lead scoring for yourself, read our guide on the art of lead scoring.

Better yet, why not check out some of our other material on lead generation? We recently wrote one on GatorLeads that you might find insightful.

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