Workflow App vs Engagement Studio

On Pardot’s recent release of their application ‘Engagement Studio’, we here at CommuniGator got to thinking. Having looked into Pardot’s product, we realised: Engagement Studio is actually pretty familiar to us. And we know why. About 6 months ago, we released something almost identical which we call our Workflow App.

So what does the Engagement Studio do exactly?

Well, the tech aims to build a B2B customer journey that will track the success of your lead generation and nurturing efforts. By setting up rules and triggers that activate based on behavioural and CRM data – for example, “if X does Y, add them to Z campaign” – you’ll create a personalised communication journey for your prospects.

But how do we know all this?! Simply put: we’ve been there, done that. That’s how our Workflow App works, too!

How do I know the Workflow App is better than the Engagement Studio?

We’ve got a whole list of reasons why we match up to – if not dominate – Pardot in the marketing automation software industry, but we won’t reel them off right here. What we can tell you is that being six months ahead of Pardot in this arena, we’ve managed to make more improvements and advancements in our Workflow App. Not only have we made ours easier to use – with a guide to help you out – but we’re working on some new improvements as we speak!

Instead of using triggered workflows to just create a personalised journey, we use our Workflow App to tell you how hot or cold a lead is. From what they have looked at to who they have spoken to, our Workflow App is designed to help you see where each lead is in the sales cycle. We don’t want it to be based on one website journey either but rather multiple buyer journeys and avenues so you are always pushing your leads through the sales process the right way.  You can even use the Workflow App to create quarterly campaign workflows that increase the efficiency of your lead nurturing process.

See, we know that with this kind of technology it always helps to be ahead of the game. We got ahead of the game, and you can get ahead of other businesses by using it. In the marketing software realm, it helps to stay one step ahead with the most up to date version of tech out there. Not to mention, all the best, and easiest to use features available to you.

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