Who are the individuals visiting your website?

It’s the age old question, who is on your website? How can you tell? Doesn’t the Data Protection Act stop companies from seeing what websites you visit? Read on to find out everything you need to know about  website lead generation and discovering who is visiting your website. And what if I could even tell you that with a little effort you can see who the individuals are visiting your website and what they are looking at?

If you want to know how to capture the individuals on your website scroll on down to the last paragraph…

In the meantime, here’s a bit of background…You may have heard the term “IP Lookup” associated with lead generation. This is because websites can identify their visitors and get more leads by looking at the IP addresses on their site. Your IP address is like an online postcode. Many businesses have one IP address associated with them, and lead generation companies, like GatorLeads, have kept a record of these IP addresses to help other businesses connect and sell to each other in the B2B world.

The reason an IP address is not considered personal data under the Data Protection Act is because the IP address is assigned on a computer device and not an individual level. So as soon as you visit a website, your IP address will be available to that business. Most businesses keep a record of these IP addresses so they know who they are appealing to. This helps them generate a more robust lead generation strategy.

The most common concern when it comes to IP addresses and privacy is their use in marketing. For example, you may have visited a third-party website and then seen an advert for that website on your Facebook page. However, with many people using dynamic IP addresses (i.e. it changes every time you connect to the internet) you can’t track what that individual website visitor is interested in, therefore it is not personal.

That’s why most websites use cookies to track users for personalised marketing experiences. Here atGatorLeads we do that by creating a personalised URL. So we identify the company visiting your website with our IP Lookup tool and link it with our private database to see who works there, which can be filtered by job function or management level. You can then buy employees email addresses, send them a PURL, and if they interact with the link, begin watching that individual move around your website!

To find out how you can make the most of visitors to your website and track them legally, read this whitepaper on how to get more out of the companies visiting your website.


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