Who is visiting your website, and what are they doing?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly who is on your website, what they’re looking at and how often they return? Imagine how that could improve your b2b lead generation strategy.

Simply by identifying the companies on your website, you could determine the quality of leads and target based on suitability. Enter lead generation software.
Identifying who is on your website

Lead generation software, like GatorLeads, uses IP LookUp technology, a tool that converts IP addresses to company names. While it won’t identify the individual visiting your website, it will allow you to purchase data based on job titles in that business, allowing you to target the most relevant person in the organisation.

Why you need to know

Sure, you can go about creating a lead generation strategy without IP Lookup software, but it’ll make your life easier to have it. For example, GatorLeads not only displays the company name of the web visitors but also their annual revenue, employees industry.

Lead generation software allows you to analyse trends in who visits your website and therefore if you’re appealing to the right audience.

In addition to this, you can identify leads that meet your killer values, meaning you don’t waste your time targeting companies that are less likely to convert to paying customers.

What can IP lookup tell you about your website visitors?

The page categories tool in GatorLeads allows you to tag the content on your website by topic. From here, you can then segment your leads based on their browsing history. We divide our content into three topics: lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing.

What else can you do?

You can also use page scoring to rate your leads. Page scoring allows you to segment your leads into cold, warm and hot, so you can determine the best methods of contacting them.

For example, your cold and warm leads need nurturing, but different approaches are required for them. Your hot leads are usually ready to be called by the sales team.

Why you need IP LookUp software

We believe that by being able to identify the leads on your website, your lead generation process will be more efficient and provide you with better quality leads. You can find out how IP Lookup technology can improve your website ROI here.

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