What to do with Purchased Contacts from b2b data lists who have Visited your Website

We often find when Marketers buy email lists, they just add them to their normal marketing cycle and pray it generates additional Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). When really, we should be nurturing these purchased contacts in a more insightful way.  

The approach that we find to be most successful is to add the purchased contact or cold email address to a Fishing Campaign or a Nurture series 

Spotler offers a Lead Nurture Programme, where you can set up your data requirements based on your killer values and personas and send automated emails off the back of buying data. 


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What is the difference between Fishing and Nurture Series?

A Fishing series is a more targeted approach where you have one stream, and everyone goes down the same stream. Whilst a lead nurture series features multiple topics about the various products/services you offer.  



Why don’t we add them to the same workflow?

With the Lead Nurture Programme in GatorLeads, you are building b2b email lists of email contacts where that company has visited your website so you can add them to a stream that is more relevant to them. For example, if you had visited a Lead Gen stream on our site, we would add you to that stream as opposed to a stream talking about email marketing.  

When buying data through a data supplier, you are unsure if those contacts have visited your website before so you might want to walk them through a more generic stream. For example, Topic One is Lead Gen but if our prospects don’t interact with lead generation, we would target them with Topic Two which might be marketing automation 



What should my Nurture or Fishing Series consist of?

You will be pleased to know that the structure of the two remain the same, the only difference being the Nurture series will include all topics whilst the Fishing series will only contain content on the area they’ve visited (on the site).  

First off is the Awareness stage. This could be a blog demonstrating that you are thought leaders within the industry. 

The second stage would be Research. The research content would be a piece of content which will be valuable to the prospect. You might want to partner up with a well-known organisation within the industry (we partner up with Smart Insights). 

The third stage is Interest. Now they have interacted with both bits of content they are showing interest, this is where we want to be linking to a product/service page. Something that we’re currently trialing is linking to a case study at this point, as sometimes the prospect will want to understand someone else’s experience and how they have used it before finding out more details on the features the system has. 

The final stage is the Sales Email where we provide the prospect with the opportunity to book an appointment by responding to the email or completing a form. This should also be followed up with a phone call.  

If you’d like to see these fishing campaigns or nurture series in action, book a free demo. 


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