This year’s edition of the DMA Marketer Email Tracker offers the latest insights into what the marketing community think of email marketing as a channel. The report shows how email continues to lead the way, given its importance also on the daily lives of consumers. The channel continues to evolve to meet the challenges of an integrated digital world by providing a more diverse range of messages than ever before. Thus impacting every stage of the customer lifecycle.

These 10 stats will not only demonstrate emails importance as part of your marketing mix but will also provide you with the ammunition to build the business case for greater resources and investment should you need it.


Email is the most preferred channel to communicate with consumers across the whole customer life-cycle. With 72% marketers using email at the pre-purchase stage. 81% Marketers using email at post purchase stage. 73% using email for customer services.


Email is also the most preferred channel for consumers. With 48% consumers preferring their marketing messages through email.


GDPR is still high on the agenda for 35% of all marketers and 27% marketers saying they were concerned about compliance and the threat of fines.


44% Marketers say ‘limited budget’ is a challenge to successfully executing their email marketing programmes


Lack of data, content and strategy remain in the top 4 challenges to successfully executing email marketing programs


Less than one in five marketers rate themselves as ‘leading the way’ for the industry across email sophistication.


Half of businesses researched are focused on ‘Sales’ as a key metric in evaluating their email marketing effectiveness.


Email Marketing ROI is now £35:£1 – a drop from the heady increase post GDPR, but still on an upward trajectory over time.


58% of marketers believe that over half of their emails are useful to the consumer. Compared to only 13% of consumers that believe over half of the emails they receive are useful. There is a disparity that marketers need to address.



19% of the marketing budget is spent on email marketing. This is up year on year and almost double the 11% reported in 2018. Marketers are also predicting this share will increase over time.


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