What is Twitter’s new “Night Mode”?

Did you know that Twitter is the 9th largest social network worldwide? There are over 328 million active users frequently using the social networking tool to share their thoughts, opinions, and things that interest them. Many businesses also use Twitter as a way to engage with their customers across the world, and users are posting at all times of the day.

Using Twitter at night

Many users will admit to going in Twitter in strange places, including the bathroom, and statistics show that users are often active in the late evening, suggesting that people are checking the social media site before they go to sleep. As the name suggests, Twitter’s new “Night Mode” has been created for users who are using the app or directly online at night time or during times when it is dark.

Why is “Night Mode” helpful?

“Night Mode” is more than a clever design feature, and it serves a genuine purpose. Research into eye health and wellbeing has demonstrated that if you’re looking at a bright screen it will impact your brain, particularly the blue light with is omitted from mobile phone screens. This blue light can make it more difficult to sleep if you’re exposed to it before trying to sleep, because it reduces the production of melatonin, which is what helps your body to know when to sleep.

In other words, your body cannot tell the difference between this light and sunlight, and can therefore prevent sleep for a few hours following use. “Night Mode” is something that Twitter has come up with to reduce this exposure to blue light, by substituting their normal screen with a darker screen.

The benefits of “Night Mode” when it’s not night time

Twitter’s new “Night Mode” is not just for those using the phone at bed time – in fact, it could have numerous other benefits too. Even during the daytime, the darker screen can be easier to look at, particularly if you’re going to use it for a long time. This is much better for your overall eye health than staring at a glary screen for long periods.

Privacy and consideration for others are also factors that may make you choose to use “Night Mode”. For example, if you’re on a plane or in a restaurant, or essentially an area where the lighting is dim and could disturb others, “Night Mode” can be useful to minimise the amount of light being produced. At the same time, it gives greater privacy to users, as bright screens make what you’re looking at obvious. This is useful in situations when you may just want to read your private messages, for example in peace from other commuters who could be staring at your screen!

How can I turn on “Night Mode”?

Now you know what “Night Mode” is and the benefits that it offers, it’s really easy to turn it on. Whether you’re on a desktop computer, laptop or mobile, simply click on your avatar and select “Night Mode” from the list that drops down underneath. The same process follows to revert back to the normal mode when you’re in a brighter environment again. However, not everyone will immediately be able to access this mode. If you’ve not yet got this feature, it is gradually being rolled out, and it might be that you have to wait a short time until you can use it, but feedback so far has suggested that it has been a positive move from Twitter and users are happy with what it offers.

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