What happens after your email audience clicks?

So your email audience follows the links you send them, gets to your website and then disappears a few hours later, never to be seen again. All companies experience uncooperative clients, but don’t worry – it’s not a dead end. Here’s what happens – and what you can do about it – after your audience clicks.

They do nothing

This might have something to do with where your link takes them. Sending out links that lead to unengaging pages of your website is probably why your prospects aren’t taking much further action. The best thing to do would be to try and make the page content more interesting. Or you could add them to a nurturing campaign on a different topic. You should have plenty of different email campaigns to choose from and topics to focus on. You’ve just got to find the right fit for your different types of audience.

They click on your link but do not continue their buyer journey

If your email audience reacts to your email but doesn’t move any further, you need to make your call to actions clearer. Something we keep saying is this: if your client doesn’t know where to go, they won’t get there. Knowing your audience’s place in their buyer cycle is important for knowing where to send them next. Stagger your email campaign content and you’ll soon see your weekly interactions and website journeys increase.

Your email audience reads your link, continues their buyer journey and engages with future communications

This will be down to one thing: you’ve emailed them something relevant. This is pretty common in our advice blogs, but making sure that what you put out is relevant will mean a more successful campaign. Sending out the wrong content is a bad move.

Clients may open emails that appear relevant to them, if they’re presented in an interesting enough way, but there’s not much that will happen past that point. If you want to keep the cycle moving and seal the deal later on you need to make sure you’re reaching out with the right kinds of material.

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