How to use your existing content more effectively in your email campaigns

Content marketing is a tricky business. That’s why when it comes to deciding what content to use in your email campaigns, it can be confusing. We sat down with our own content marketer to discuss the best practices for promoting content in an email campaign.

Ok, so what should we be doing?

First off, you need to separate your content out by levels. For example, your blogs are light pieces of material so they are usually considered low-level content. Whitepapers and guides, on the other hand, can be quite bulky with a lot of information, so I’d regard those as medium-level content. Finally, your website pages such as your product features and services are your high-level content. That’s where you’re going to convert most of your traffic so that should be the hardest level of content you offer.

Once you have those content levels, you’re going to be able to see when you should be pitching those types of content to your audience. For example, blogs are great for welcoming series or a drip campaign for website visitors. Medium-level content should be used for engaged audiences you are trying to lead nurture a little more. High-level content should be used in a sales campaign to help close the deal.

How can we apply those content levels to our standard email campaign?

Simple. Break your campaign down into three levels. Early interest, engaged and high interest. At the beginning of your campaign, for your non-engaged or new audience, send them blogs that introduce them to your tone and style. Give them best practices and tips in your industry until they start to rely on you for advice.

Once they’ve engaged enough, you can start giving them content that means a bit more. Reports, webinars, whitepapers. Content that shows you mean business and how your business can help them. In short, use this content to convince them.

After you’ve done that, it’s simply a matter of directing them to your website content on products and services at the end of your campaign. That’s all the content they need throughout a campaign to decide if your business is right for them. The rest is down to sales.

Any further content advice?

Whatever content you are promoting in your email campaigns, keep it themed. For example, if you gave them a blog on lead generation they showed interest in, don’t then give them a guide on marketing automation. There’s no link. Keep your content themes consistent. Then make each of your week on week themes link to your buyer journey. That way, your audience knows everything they need to know whichever way they move through your campaign.

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