Why website visitor tracking is essential in an effective lead generation strategy

If you’re currently involved in planning your company’s digital marketing strategy then you shouldn’t have overlooked the benefits of website visitor tracking in generating sales qualified leads. If you have, I strongly suggest you rethink this strategy!

Gone are the days where lead generation was done by idly flicking through a phone book, calling up companies that might be interested (and it’s a very hardnosed might). Instead, the 21st century marketer is much savvier. Now you can use website visitor tracking software to attract and track potential business opportunities. Where could you find such a software I hear you ask?

Luckily for you, Spotler is here to provide the answer!

In years gone by, the first stage of prospecting a lead would always result in a discovery call to discuss their own interests. This cold calling approach serves only to negatively impact any chance of future communication. The truth is the game has changed. People are far more comfortable spending time researching on their own prior to having a telephone conversation. That’s where GatorLeads comes in. Let’s say you’ve already IP tracked a company on one of your product pages and you have a cookied contact linked to the company. You could get a member of your sales team to follow up this activity and call the company. However, as we have just discussed, this could have a greater negative impact on the chance of doing business.

It’s at this point your marketing coordinator is put in the driving seat. Because you already know what the prospect has been looking at, you can push them into specific campaigns that contain content, relevant to what they have been researching. While your end goal is for this prospect to turn into business, this way you can nurture and warm up these leads up until the point they are sales ready.

How do you know when a prospect is sales ready?

Website visitor tracking gives you the opportunity to lead score various pages on your website. At Spotler, we aim to call prospects once they have reached a chilli rating of 50 points showing they are a ‘hot’ lead. Now I know that some pages signify greater buying intent than others. That’s why we have created our own scoring system for each page type. For example, blogs score significantly lower than pricing or demo pages. Typically, our marketing qualified leads revisit Spotler between 5-12 times before they score above or around 50 points.

This level of automation is what makes us pioneers at what we do. You’d hate to miss business even if someone went onto a key page, such as a pricing page, am I right? Well we’ve got an answer for that too! GatorLeads allows you to create alerts when prospects visit certain pages but don’t fill in a form, allowing your sales team to catch what would have been missed business in the past. Because these alerts are triggered instantly following on from website activity, it ensures you can get into contact with your prospects soon after they have been on your site, meaning you are fresh in their minds.

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