Did you know that 74% of consumers feel frustrated when content on a website is not personalised? Yup, this is a pretty big deal for consumers! That is why we are going to help you uplift that personalisation strategy on your website. Step out and ahead of the crowd with some website personalisation that will leave your competitors’ jaws dropping! Product recommendations are a superior technique when implementing website personalisation into your marketing. However, the secret behind this tactical move is all about relevancy and dynamic content, so never forget to tailor your product recommendations to the likes of that particular customer. This’ll keep ‘em coming back!

What could be better than giving your customers the exact options that they want or need? It is not always only about us though, right? Although this derives benefit for us, there is also a hefty share of benefit for our customers. It cuts their time short from prolonged browsing and comparing products, because the jewel in the crown is served to their doorstep. There you go, a win-win situation. Light work. 


Peak Engagement 

Peak customer engagement can be identified when customers spend unsparing amounts of time browsing specific items on your website. At this point, most of the arduous work has already been accomplished as the customer is on your website and readily engaging with the displayed offerings. This bestows a highly engaged state which is the perfect time to grab that customer’s attention towards a garland of irresistible items tailored just to them in accordance with their browsing history.

For example, if you identify a highly engaged customer browsing through your perfume selection, you can enable dynamic content on your website to instantly showcase recommendations of related items such as body lotions, or simply other perfumes of similar scent. You could even take it up a notch and display some relevant perfume gift sets that they may be interested to upgrade their purchase with.

Timing is key; therefore, ensure to identify your customer’s peak engagement time to begin your personalised product recommendations.

All in a nutshell – put the right product, in front of the right customer, at the right time. 


Regain Lost Customers 

Displaying an enormous variety is not always as good as it seems. Yes, it does give customers more control over their choices, but sometimes having too much to choose from can simply be too overwhelming. And every so often, this overwhelm can lead to cart abandonment if the customer cannot seem to make a final decision.

Well, let us tell you something, goodbyes are not so easy! Regain those lost customers by recommending relevant products to them according to their search. Create personalised product recommendations tailored just for that one customer, persuading them to return to your store.

Showcase a few personalised recommendations and throw in some relevant sale items whilst you’re at it. Everyone loves a good bargain, right?

The overwhelmed customer may regain interest and purchase intention with the reappearance of their much-liked item. This works as a bonus as it would also ease their decision-making process due to going ahead and purchasing the item that has crossed them again rather than dwelling into another dilemma of product selection. Therefore, recommending personalised products to your customers is bound to resolve frustration caused by choice overwhelm, as this contributes to their decision through the factor of encouragement. 


Extended Purchases 

Personalised web recommendations do not just attract customers having a scroll through, but they could also attract purchasing customers, encouraging them to buff their purchase by adding a few last touches to their items before the big checkout. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase some cheeky extras that finely compliment items already in the customer’s shopping carts, as they are in a highly engaged state at this point, hence why they are open to spending a little more to get a little extra.

Add on recommendations should remain as personalised and as relevant as possible to ensure extended purchase. For example, if your customer wants to purchase a fancy dress, you could recommend a pair of heels or a bag that perfectly match it. Or if someone was ready to purchase a dining set, recommend a cutlery set that well compliments the dinner set.

These recommendations can be displayed on the landing page or at the point of purchase. Landing page recommendations highlight add on items to compliment products added to an abandoned cart, whilst point of purchase recommendations showcase add on items added to an active cart that is about to be paid for as a means of an upselling technique.

If you do not believe us, take it from world-leading Amazon who identifies 35% of its revenue incoming purely from upselling. 


Loyal Customers 

Remember – loyalty must be at the heart of everything you do. Be loyal to your customers and they will be loyal to you. And everyone knows that customer loyalty is what shapes a brand’s image. Therefore, to tick all the right boxes in the eyes of your customers, you must be timely, you must be personal, and you must keep it relevant. All in all, every customer should receive an experience that they feel was made specially just for them. For this, timing is crucial too, you do not want to send across personalised messages at the wrong time.

Personalised product recommendations enhance a seamless customer experience when they visit your website, increasing the likelihood of them returning for more in future. A seamless experience and one that diffuses brand loyalty at the same time has already won in the eyes of the customer. A website that gives customers minimal hassle and is tailored towards their specific interests. Your brand will very quickly become their brand preference. There you go, a loyal customer gained.

The more this loyal customer returns, the more information the brand can consume about this customer as they can begin to collect their likes, interests, behaviour, and notice any patterns in buying. This assists a brand to amplify their personalisation for the customer the more they learn about them. And as so, the cycle continues, the customer’s satisfaction increases as time goes on due to the enhanced personalisation being received per visit, with each visit in return giving the brand more information about the customer to add onto their database. A mutual long-term benefit. 


A Buying Process Made Easy. 

Displaying relevant products to consumers significantly simplifies the buying process as it cuts out endless scrolls through product listings and serves consumers their desired products on a plate. A buying process made easy. Who would deny?