Who is your website lead and how can you find out?

So, you’ve been using Google Analytics as a metric to monitor your website and you can see that you’re driving traffic successfully, fantastic! Not only is your website the face of your company in the digital age, but it’s where prospects will visit when they are close to being sales-ready. That’s great, things are running smoothly, however, you’ve got one key question. How are you supposed to convert this information into profit, and how do you go about finding out who these website leads are?

The cold hard facts about website lead tracking

Through our own research, we’ve come to understand that of the traffic that comes onto your website, over 95% will not identify itself! While it’s inevitable that some of this traffic won’t be of interest to you anyway i.e. it might be a competitor, there’s still a chance that up to 50% of what you aren’t tracking could be an opportunity. Are you prepared to take the risk that prospects are going to fill in the forms on your website and identify themselves on their own?

The game has changed

The truth is, as we understand it, the game has changed. Whoever your closest competitor might be, you can be certain that they are using or have experimented with some form visitor tracking in the past to identify who there anonymous website leads are, and they will be using it in future.

What can you do?

If you don’t want to get left behind, then it’s time to look at tracking products, such as GatorLeads, for your website leads. Remember the 95% that you were previously unable to track? IP tracking gives you the ability to match these IP’s against CommuniGator’s own private database, as well as public domain sources such as LinkedIn.

If you know which companies have been visiting your website, you can easily downplay the credibility of those companies which aren’t worth contacting vs. the ones that match your killer prospect values.

Can we dive down even further?

Want to know even more about the companies coming onto your site? Good news, CommuniGator has a PURL (personalised URL) feature meaning you can track on a one to one level. Let’s think about this hypothetically, you’ve tracked a company on your website, great, but they’ve got 10,000+ employees, 100 of which could be the decision maker or relevant person looking at your material.

With the PURL, you can send targeted URL links over email to the person you think needs to be targeted. On top of this you can set up alerts so you know when that specific contact has clicked on the link, and from then on you can monitor everything that they look at!

The rumours are true, our website lead tracking software really is one of the best in the business! If you’d like to learn more and you’re thinking of implementing website visitor tracking into your marketing strategy in future, then feel free to download this handy guide on GatorLeads!

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