Why are website analytics important for your digital marketing strategy?

The measure of successful digital marketing is the ability to generate leads. Whether you’re using content marketing, social media or email marketing to entice your audience to your website, it’s important to measure how effective each different method is being by tracking how much traffic (or how many visitors) is coming to your website through different methods. This can be measured using website analytics.

Website analytics functionality

Website analytics tools, like Google Analytics are able to tell you a number of things about the visitors to your website. This can include things like the company that visitors are from (using their registered IP address), and more sophisticated platforms like GatorLeads can use this information to collate it with existing data you hold, for example even the name and job title of the visitor. Data can be combined with other sources of information, for example from LinkedIn or Dunn and Bradstreet, this can compile a bigger picture of your website audience.

What does this insight offer?

The reason that website analytics is useful is because data acquisition allows you to not only see whether you’re effectively reaching your target audience, but also enabling you to track their behaviour and target campaigns to specific visitors should they appear interested and exhibit buyer behaviour. In addition to this, you can setup alerts to enable you to follow up leads which become more active.

Improving your website using analytics tools

Analytics will also show the pages that visitors go to and how long they spend there. This gives an indication of whether your site is user-friendly and helpful. For example if your visitors only visit one page and leave it very shortly afterwards, it is probably not giving the information they’re looking for, but if they follow multiple pages through your menu structure, this demonstrates that your website is guiding visitors through the site successfully. By monitoring visitors’ behaviour from different pages, you can tailor your site to encourage leads to become conversions.

Highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing

Website analytics also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing strategy since it will show where the most traffic is coming from. For example, if you’re spending lots of time email marketing but are seeing more traffic through your social media channels, then it’s probably worth considering spending more time on the most successful methods of digital marketing.

One things for sure, you can turn your website into a profit engine TODAY with the help of website analytics!

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