Using UTM Values to Transform Your Insights

In the marketing world, UTM values are a great asset to identify exactly where your leads are coming from. Whether it be a social media campaign or a particular email send. The knowledge of which channel is generating the most leads and revenue can influence where you focus your efforts.

What are UTM values?

UTM values, or Urchin Tracking Modules, are specific parameters you add to the end of your URL in order to track where contacts are coming from. This allows tracking software such as GatorLeads or Google Analytics to pick up the information and use it for more detailed analysis. There are various parameters you can add to your URL which detail different aspects of your campaigns.

What parameters can you add?

Source: Use to identify the referrer location or platform where your traffic originates e.g. search engine, newsletter, etc.

Medium: Which channel your lead came through e.g. email, banner, PPC.

Name: Allowing you to identify the specific campaign origin e.g. product, promo code etc.

Term: Used primarily to identify paid keywords.

Content: A necessary addition for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. This allows you to differentiate between links that point to the same URL.

How can they help me?

By adding UTM values to the end of your URLs, you can develop your insights into which campaigns and channels are bringing in the leads. Know which are working, and which are not. It will allow analytics software to understand basic information on the lead source and visitor information.

How can I use them?

There are various methods of using UTM values. You can use them in Email, Social Media or PPC, among others. Within the CommuniGator product, you have the option to specify your UTM values when creating a campaign.

By using GatorMail, you will have the option to add link tracking. Within our traditional builder, you are able to define exactly what values are used for each UTM parameter, and which to use. From our drag and drop editor, all links are automatically tracked, with UTM parameters added. So you don’t need to worry about what to add. It will make your analytics much clearer.

But for those of you not yet using the GatorMail module, never fear, we have a free URL builder available to everyone and anyone. You can find this super useful tool here. This allows you to specify your destination URL, before selecting the UTM parameters to be defined. Source, Medium and Name are necessary fields. Then you generate a destination URL, for you to add into your marketing efforts.

With the potential to boost your insights even further, what are you waiting for? Give our URL builder a try and see how you get on. You can even create a personalised URL for a specific individual. Track exactly where your most important leads are visiting with our PURL builder. If you’re interested in using UTM values in your Google AdWord campaigns, download our guide on this very topic.

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