How to use our PURL builder

In marketing, it would be helpful to know who’s on your website and where – you’d be able to contact leads as soon as they show buyer behaviour and strike while the iron’s hot. With our lead generation technology, and our personalised URLs (PURLs), you’ll be able to do just that.

What are PURLs?

PURLs are individualised URLs which you can send to specific individuals’ email addresses. Once the URL is opened, you can track who entered your website – and where – all with ease on our GatorLeads software, thanks to cookie technology we’ve developed. You know when a website reminds you about pages you’ve recently visited? I’s that kind of thing.

To create a PURL, we have our own PURL builder on our website. All you need to do is follow the simple steps provided, and you’ll have a personalised URL ready in no time. Then all you’ve got to do is send it. Any prospects who have contacted you looking for more information are prime data to send PURLs to.

Once they’ve followed your link, a tag will be left on their computer which will let you know if and when they return to your website. Don’t worry, it’s only this data specifically that it’ll track.

Some things to remember…

If you use a PURL with an individual email address, you’ll receive relevant, helpful data – it’s a personalised URL, after all, so it should be sent on a personalised, individual level. If you use these on a general mass email, however, the data you receive will be skewed and it will remove the point of using the PURL at all. Make sure you send one PURL per contact.

Additionally, if you want to have the best effect on your leads, you’ll want to send a PURL which will direct them to a relevant, dynamic web page. If you’re always sending leads to the same place, especially if it’s just your homepage, you won’t get the response you need.

Finally, our PURL builder offers you the ability to shorten your URL. Make sure to take advantage of this, as contacts are far more likely to follow a short, clean link than one that looks long and over complicated. It will also make you look a lot more professional, as well as savvy.

If you’re looking at tracking multiple people from a tagged URL, you will want to check out our UTM guide instead. Similar to a PURL, it will allow you to track which leads come from which marketing campaigns.

Why not check out our other similar material on lead generation, including how PURLs can benefit your strategy?

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