5 tools to close a deal using Facebook

The concept of social selling isn’t a new one. And it’s only growing, particularly in the B2B world. Social media is a great platform for finding new leads and connecting with existing ones. It’s also great from a customer experience point of view too.  

Facebook often gets overlooked in the B2B world and batted back to B2C for lead generation and e-commerce. However, with all the clever new advertising and retargeting tools available within the Facebook platform, B2B marketers can get in on the action too. It’s a great place to connect with your prospects and get the deal closed.  

Facebook ads 

With over 1.41 billion monthly users on Facebook, why not use the channel to target your leads? You can be certain your audience is there somewhere. Facebook advertising is a lot like Google Adwords, your ads will appear to those that meet the killer values which you set. Whether that’s location, company size or industry. You already know the people you can do business with, your top target accounts, Facebook advertising will allow you to build a bridge to them and make it easier to get them signing on the dotted line.  


Facebook isn’t just great for generating new leads it also has another purpose, retargeting lost prospects. A company that looks at your products, services and shows a lot of buying intent in the first instance but doesn’t buy anything or move any further doesn’t have to be a lost cause. Facebook retargeting can help you encourage those back to your site. Target visitors who landed on a specific URL or landing page but didn’t complete your goal. Your ad on Facebook will retarget them, allowing you to use the method which suits you best.

Custom Audiences  

Use your existing database in a new, and unexplored way to mix up your messages. Facebook now gives you the option to upload your email database, so that you can advertise directly to those individuals on a different platform. So perhaps it’s the people you can’t get hold of, or that you want to invite to an event, or maybe they’re a top target of yours. Use your custom audiences’ ad to target them directly.  

Messenger ads 

With messenger now a separate app, why restrict yourself to just Facebook? Use ads across both Facebook AND messenger. With 10 billion messages exchanged between people and businesses every month, it’s a novel way to get your company seen and broaden your targeting. Your ad will appear between conversations in the messenger list. Or, use click-to-Messenger ads on Facebook to direct leads following an ad click, to a messenger conversation with your business. Resolve every issue, and re-engage your cold leads by customising your conversation to them.  

Make it personal  

Every method of marketing should be directly relevant to the prospect. You need to think of direct marketing, rather than sending a blanket message (or ad) to everyone. You’re trying to speak directly to an individual, so target a small group instead of everyone, and get the content right for them. Your hot leads will increase when they feel the content is directed to them.  

Social media marketing isn’t restricted to LinkedIn campaigns. Utilise the often forgotten social media giant to close a sales deal, or at least get the conversation started. Use your ads smartly to be where your customers are, in the format that suits them.  See how Iconic Digital have already used GatorSocial to their advantage.

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