Imagine this: you’ve spent hours crafting the perfect blog piece or infographic, structuring every single paragraph or researching every statistic to perfection, with a view to posting it on your website’s blog section. Such is the quality of the piece, you’re expecting it to rack up thousands of hits and comments upon publication, cementing your brand’s authority within your respective sector.

The following day, you wake up and head into work with a view to checking how many clicks your blog has received. Disappointingly, it is only a mere ten hits.

“Ten hits? But this article is incredible! It needs to be read by everybody,” you cry in anguish.

So, how can you promote this type of content and increase its digital reach among consumers?

Email marketing and promotion

Why you should use email marketing to promote your content

Great content does add value to a site but only if people know this content exists. As a result, one of the most effective ways to increase your content’s exposure is through email marketing campaigns.

Generally, consumers who have signed up to receive email marketing materials tend to have a certain level of interest in your brand, ranging from a low-key curiosity to a fully-engaged superfan. As a result, delivering content that is relevant and engaging directly to consumers’ inboxes increases the likelihood of that content having an impact on consumers. Those with an interest in your brand are more likely to click blog links, YouTube videos and more if this content is relevant to their interests.

Furthermore, the rise of mobile also helps spread the reach of your content. No longer are email messages restricted to inboxes on stationary desktop or laptop computers; now consumers are receiving messages in the palm of their hand, whether they are commuting to work or out with friends. Reading blog pieces via email on the train to work is now as commonplace as reading a newspaper in the morning.


If you’re creating an absolute wealth of content for your site, email marketers should be showcasing all of this wonderful literature to their consumers in an easy-to-read, digestible package direct to inboxes. Newsletters are essentially a showcase for all the great content that you have to offer – whether that’s in the form of infographics, promotions, discounts, videos, news articles, blog pieces and more.

Newsletters also represent a fantastic opportunity to remind readers of past content that you have created. For instance, if your monthly newsletter goes out on the 20th of every month, marketers can remind readers of content that was posted at the tail end of the previous month. This way, your old content can be shared to a new audience that may have missed it first time round.

However, don’t simply copy and paste all of your content to form one long, tedious message. Nobody is going to read a message with 3,000 words from top to bottom! Tease the audience with the first couple of paragraphs for each blog or a small section of an infographic. That way if users are interested in what you have to say, they will click through to the page which originally published said content.

A newsletter that contains well written content gets read and, if it’s response driven, will encourage your customers to take some form of action such as clicking another link, filling out a form or make a purchase. That makes all those hours producing blogs and infographics worth the investment.