Why you should use content marketing in your digital strategy

Digital marketing has become vital to business success over recent years. One element that can often get overlooked, however, is content marketing. Content marketing is a powerful way of establishing yourself as a thought leader within your industry, whilst producing something which will engage your readers.

Identifying content marketing

What is content marketing? Content marketing involves a wide range of content being created on a regular basis. This can include blogs, press releases, and, whitepapers. Blogs should be produced on a weekly basis, or at minimum bi-weekly, to ensure that all content is fresh and engaging. So what do these different elements of content marketing bring to your business?

#1 Generate brand awareness

Creating a strong brand awareness online depends largely on the quality of information on your website. In terms of content writing, this includes your blogs which should be found on your site and easily accessible. Because this content is updated regularly, you are providing your customers with frequent and relevant information and giving your brand a stronger online presence.

#2 Improve SEO through content marketing

Content marketing also affects other areas of your digital strategy, such as SEO. The two types of content, on-page and off-page, contribute to different aspects of your SEO strategy. On-page content such as blogs will give you content to share across your social media platforms to generate pathways to your website from across the web. Off-page content such as press releases and whitepapers work similarly by creating links to your site, but they also provide greater credibility for your business. Both of these are important for maximising your SEO.

#3 Quality over quantity

Although it’s important to produce content regularly, it’s even more important to focus on making sure that it is good quality. You will want to include keywords and industry terms which will relate to searches that are being made in Google, but this should not interrupt the flow or compromise the standard of each piece of content. Google’s algorithms penalise sites whose content doesn’t make sense or is deliberately

#4 Content works with social media

If you’re producing blogs on a weekly basis, this also gives you content to share across your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus profiles, to show your followers what you’re up to, encourage them to click through to your site, and establish yourself as a thought leader and expert within your industry.

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