Unearth your Unknown Pipeline

I like to think I’m a perceptive person, that I can read people’s emotions without them needing to say a word. Whether they’re pleased with an opportunity or concerned. Whether they need convincing or some advice. But going on gut instinct alone can often lead us down the wrong track. That’s why I find knowing the tells of a ready to buy lead paramount to getting in contact at the right time.

Let me clue you into the secret:

  • Hot leads spend more time on your website. They get to know your company inside out, taking in all the information you can offer. Perhaps they’re the leads who get in contact with you directly and become an inbound lead, perhaps not. Either way, they’re a top target for your Sales Team.
  • Hot leads should take fewer contact points. These are the leads reliably clicking on all your communications. They’ve shown an obvious interest in your company, everything you throw their way, they grab onto.
  • Hot leads stick with you. These leads haven’t jumped ship immediately and unsubscribed. Yes, they may not be ready to sign a deal straight away, but with a little TLC, they can become the Hot Leads you dreamed of.

It’s all well and good being able to identify who your Hot Leads are, but if they’re not right for your company, then the partnership isn’t going to work long-term. Avoid this situation by setting out some rules for who you want to work with. A specification your ideal company will need to meet. Create your Killer Values by building an inventory of characteristics you look for in a business. Then, use this information to create your Top Targets: those clients who are a priority to get on board, and how you will identify them over your other Hot Leads.

Once you’ve got all this information worked out, it’s important to stand by your criteria. Don’t make exceptions. Remember these criteria are here for a reason: to ensure all your customers can work with you, not against you.

In the sales process, 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy (Gleanster Research). Don’t waste time on the leads who aren’t ready. Use your Killer Values to identify the Hot Leads who will convert into a sale which benefits you too.

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