Understanding your data DNA: Your Killer Values

Data is at the core of all businesses. Whether its customers, prospects, leads or website visitors. Your data is the answer to your sales and marketing prayers. But understanding your data and translating it into tangible actions and makeup can be a little daunting. At CommuniGator, our data is our best friend. We carried out a Value Proposition to really understand the customers we work with and help us to identify our true target audience. We’ve got some steps that can help you do the same.

1 Get to know your customers

Your customers are your fruit to fortune. Getting to know them on a granular level is paramount to identifying your true target audience. Starting with the individuals at your customers; what are their job roles, their pain points and their needs. Where do they spend most of their time on the web, which of your marketing communications do they interact with and what was their first ever engagement with you?

Then broadening your research into the makeup of the businesses; industries, location, demographics, turnover and the business pain points and needs too. From analysing your entire client base, you start to identify common denominators across the board that you can apply as your killer values.

2 Identify your prospects

By identifying your current customers and their build up you can start to identify businesses like them in your target audience. Who is your ideal customer? The answer to this question then makes up your ideal prospect too.

Take a look at your client’s digital engagement and behaviour, are they on social media a lot, or reacting to your email campaigns or attending your events and webinars. This then gives you the visibility of which marketing channels you should be utilising to find your next customer.

By analysing your clients browsing behaviour and purchase history gives you a clear picture of how your prospects will react and where best to reach out to them at the right time.

3 Your Killer Values

The DNA of your existing customer data makeup your killer values. What do you really look for in a business/individual? For example, our killer values are B2B businesses with an annual turnover of £5 million or more that are actively looking to generate new business opportunities for their sales team. They must already be doing email marketing and ideally have a CRM system that we can plug into.

This is our ideal customer, and we know this from interacting with our current customer base and really understanding them and their business needs.

4 Segment and Target

From identifying your killer values, you can really segment your data into finer detail. Target your data based on each killer value or attribute. Segment your marketing campaigns to both your customers and your prospects based on their preferences.

For instance, if you do business with both manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies, both audiences are going to be interested in completely different formats and topics of content. Applying this to your marketing communications will mean you see better engagement as you are interacting with the right people about the right topics.

We’re here to get you started on your way to identifying your killer values and understanding what makes up your data DNA. Download our Killer Value template today to start your journey.

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