Understand your customers’ buying habits

According to an extensive study, conducted by Google into how your customers are researching and buying your products online, around 1/3 of sales happen 30 days after the customer begin their research.

This demonstrates the importance, of nurturing your leads; which will produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. (Source: DemandGen Report).

The average customer visits 4.5 websites a total of 9.9 times before buying (2.2 to yours, 7.7 to your competitors).

These two pieces of information are needed for a targeted digital marketing campaign. How long is your average sales cycle? What are the major touch points that will be hit before a purchase is made?

Once these are known a proper customer journey plan can be made and the steps that are to be taken in order to drive the potential customers further along the sales cycle. Establish the key touch points then assign a time sensitivity to each stage.

How can you move them from each identified touch point in their overall journey to lead them to eventually make a purchase? If you are using a website analytics package such as GatorLeads IP visitor tracking you are able to see the behaviour of other customers and the actions that they took before making a purchase; analyse this information along with the time it took to move between each stage to create your future marketing plans.

Once this has been done you will be able to manage interactions and introduce strategies that effectively move your prospects from touch point to touch point before driving them towards an eventual purchase. Find out more on how to generate and nurture the right opportunities.

Now you understand more about the buying habits of your prospects, why not download this infographic helping you to generate more business leads?

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