However, the view is heavily polarised by geography, age and gender as represented in the infographic.

  • Many brands have dialled down their communications via email. 43% men are missing these absent emails, compared to 18% of females.
  • 23% 18-24 year olds want more COVID-19 related emails, compared to only 9% of 35-44 year olds
  • However, of the millennials, a huge 38% in Scotland want more COVID-19 emails compared with 14% in England.
  • Men were more likely to want to be updated more frequently by brands at 16.5% compared with women at 4.5%

New findings from Pure360 and emailexpert have revealed that the United Kingdom has a polarised response to how brands have adapted their communications through the coronavirus pandemic. With 43% men missing absent brand emails, compared with 18% women, it’s clear that brands need to adopt a data driven personalised approach to their communications.

The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and unlike anything we have experienced in recent history. For many brands, this poses a significant challenge – many having to respond based on gut over data.

Whilst at the beginning of the pandemic there was an increase in COVID related emails, through lockdown until today many brands have dialled down the number of emails they send to a slow trickle, whilst others have stopped completely. It’s clear from the findings that these emails are missed.

The study has revealed that the response from consumers is polarised across gender, age and geography. With 23% 18-24 year old wanting more COVID related emails but only 9% 35-44 year old feeling the same way, applying the same approach to all will not be effective to getting it right for all segments, This missed opportunity for brands may lead to a reduction in competitive edge at a time when it is most needed.

The findings prove that one size doesn’t fit all. There is a clear necessity for brands to understand their audiences better and to use data driven personalisation techniques to improve engagement. It is essential for businesses to know their audience and understand the kind of personalisation that leads to positive brand engagement.

The way a brand responds to a crisis can have a lasting impact on their long term success. Dialling down communications at a time when consumers might want greater assurance could leave competitors open to stealing the march.


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