Tweets to appear in Google search results

At the beginning of June Google partnered with Twitter to combine both parties’ knowledge and expertise in search and real-time content, to display relevant tweets within search rankings.

Currently only available for mobile and tablet users based in the US, anyone searching in English via Google’s iOS or Android app will be returned with tweets associated with the search term. If you tap on any of the tweets displayed you will be directed to the Twitter feed, here you can view the initial tweet or do some further investigation. Although only available to mobile and tablet users currently, this feature will be rolled out to desktop users and other countries over the future months.

What does this mean for you?

Keywords just got a whole lot more important – I bet you didn’t think that was possible? To ensure your tweets are appearing within relevant Google searches too you need to ensure you’re targeting the right keywords in your tweets and using hashtags where possible. This will increase your chances of appearing within industry searches and help you increase your reach.

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