How to track ROI from your paid marketing

Ah, the marketing budget, that small insignificant allocation that everyone other than marketing feels irrelevant. It’s a common scenario for businesses looking to save money, often start by cutting the marketing budget.

With so many ‘free’ marketing channels available, Managing Directors are often unforgiving in their brutal budget cuts. The result is a strenuous excess of work to put effective marketing in place, drive enough traffic to generate leads and then added hours with extra nurturing campaigns.

So how can you prove the worth of your marketing budget? We have the answer…

Drive the right traffic

It’s one of the most important jobs in marketing, not only driving traffic to the website but the right traffic at that. With a number of marketing channels at your fingertips, it can be easy to assume that finding your target audience will be a doddle. However, it is not best practice to flood every channel with as much content as it can handle.

Overexposure to a product, company or type of content can make your target audience immune to your communications. Instead, targeting your three most successful channels and understanding where your prospective audience spend most of their time will give you a more direct, targeted approach at a lower cost.

Ensuring you are only driving the right leads to your website.

The 3 top performing marketing channels:
Twitter 89% usage / 75% effective
LinkedIn 94% usage / 61% effective
YouTube 74% usage / 50% effective
*2015 B2B Content Marketing Report

Identify traffics marketing source

Tracking your return on investment for each marketing channel lies in identifying your website traffics marketing source. Gone are the days of spending hours and hours each month trying to figure out which marketing channels are performing, which content and topics your leads are most interested in.

With IP lookup software you can identify every website leads original source and track their entire journey. This is the bridge between sales and marketing. Marketing can keep an eye on ROI from each channel, proving the worth of their marketing spend. While sales can get a deep insight into each leads interests and pain points before initial contact. Allowing them to tailor their sales pitch.

Identifying your website traffics marketing source on a monthly basis is the foundation to successful marketing; utilising your performing channels and ensuring you are targeting the right leads at the right time with the right content.

Follow up paid-for leads

So, you are confident you have driven the right traffic to your website using the right channels and you have kept a close eye on the founding source of all your website leads throughout the month. Now its time to ensure your paid for leads are followed up effectively.

This is the proof in the pudding to tracking your ROI for your marketing spend. Ensure your sales teams are notified when paid for leads enter your website and are followed up with almost immediately.

Alternatively, set up automated triggered workflows to feed your leads with relevant and timely content before sales team get in touch. The key is to make sure all paid for leads are followed up with retrospectively.

With these 3 tactics firmly in place, you will easily and effectively be able to track and identify ROI from your paid for marketing channels.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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