Top tips to optimise your social profiles and increase brand awareness

The majority of companies have an online presence nowadays, whether this is in the form of a website, social profiles or advertising. Social media is a strong tool used to boost brand awareness both to your existing customers and also to increase your audience reach. It is also a platform for you to share your content and demonstrate your ability as a thought leader in your industry.

Optimising your social profiles

To make the most of your social profiles, and increase engagement, companies must optimise their profiles. Although all social networks are different, there is some common ground between all platforms – here are our top tips to optimise your social profiles and increase brand awareness for your company.

Use strong imagery

Often the first thing that stands out on a social profile is the imagery. This can be in the form of your profile photo, or a background image. It’s best practice across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter to have a personal photograph for your brand page. Choosing a named representative gives a face to your brand, which increases authenticity with your online audience. This doesn’t necessary mean that you lose brand exposure – a good way to incorporate this would be to use a high resolution background that includes your logo and branding.

Share key information

To optimise your social profiles, you should make sure to fill in every section of information in enough detail to demonstrate who you are and communicate your brand and key services. Use these spaces to give more information to customers who are interested… and this can be an effective way of incorporating keywords for your SEO too, when used in context.

Create links online

High quality links are a strong way to increase brand awareness and provide your audience with more information. Content can be shared regularly, such as blogs, which will direct your followers to your website, but you can also put general links to your site and social platforms in the profile description. This means that your audience can find out more about you with ease.

Be consistent across the web

Whatever the approach to increasing your brand awareness, it’s important to create and maintain a consistent brand image across all social platforms. Aside from customising information and presentation to fit each platform specifically, you should try to use the same imagery and information as much as possible. This makes it user friendly and gives visitors a clear idea about your brand and what you have to offer.

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