Top 3 ways to convert leads into sales quickly

Prospective leads are coming to your website every single day, fed in by many different lead generation campaigns. The fruits of your labour. At least, they have the potential to be – if you can convert them. The longer you leave it, though, the less likely you’ll be to qualify them quickly. Considering the odds of qualifying a lead with your call decreases by over six times after the first hour of discovery, you want to get right to it.

So here are the top 3 ways to convert leads into sales quickly; short and sharp, because there’s no time to lose!

1) Develop a flawless website journey

If your leads are coming to your website from outer channels, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, they may never have seen your website before this moment. Trying to navigate a complicated, not fully functional website is painful – and if your prospects can’t find their way around, they’ll just leave. Point blank.

Make your website journey as easy and fluid as possible. Your landing page should give clear directions to different points in the buyer journey (for example, having a ‘More Information’ page as well as a ‘Pricing Page’ and whatever comes in between) so that your lead can choose where to go for themselves. Each of these pages should coherently and logically guide them through relevant pages; from landing pages to informative pages, to your key selling points and, finally, to requesting a quote.

2) Make sure they know or have access to everything they need

You are better than all of your competitors combined, but what if your lead doesn’t know that? Here’s the answer: they need to know that.

Don’t leave your leads guessing. Create case studies, competitor comparisons, and work out specific ROI statistics for your products – whatever it takes to make your contact say “wow, these guys really are the best”. Make it their idea. Give them everything they need up front and let them make their own well-informed decision. Let’s face it, what have you got to lose? They’re going to know you’re top from all that research anyway.

3) Get in contact – don’t wait around!

As soon as your client starts looking around, send a welcome email based on what they’ve shown interest in. Send them engaging content, like a guide or a whitepaper – or even one of those case studies we talked about.

You don’t want to come across as pushy, especially when they’ve only just ventured onto your site. You just want to come across as a helping hand, to make them feel welcomed. Think of those emails you get from eBay or Amazon saying “Hey, we saw you were looking at this, why not take a look at these things too?”

Don’t be intrusive, just make small, friendly offers or suggestions. One sure-fire way to turn a lead off is to send emails with subject lines that read “BUY NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”. Prospects won’t feel inclined to buy, they’ll feel like they’ve entered a room at the wrong time and they should probably leave before it gets awkward. They’ll feel panicked.

Whilst this isn’t a definitive list for turning leads into sales quickly, it’s a pretty good way to start. Get on top of these tips and you’ll see better engagement (and overall results) sooner than you’d think.

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