B2B ecommerce — online purchasing between businesses — is a rapidly growing market. And as it grows, the technology that supports it is evolving too. Businesses are investing in smart ecommerce marketing platforms to remain competitive.

Millennials responsible for buying decisions are demanding the same seamless online purchasing experience in the B2B space that they are used to as consumers. Understanding how B2B buyers behave can help B2B marketers stay on top of their game.

We’ve compiled the top 20 B2B ecommerce statistics that marketers in this expanding industry should have at the ready.

1) The global B2B ecommerce is valued at $12.2 trillion in 2019 (Statista).

2) The value of the global B2B ecommerce market is 6 times that of the B2C market in 2019 (Statista).

3) Close to half of B2B buyers are millennials (Google).

4) 81% of non C-suiters have a say in B2B buying decisions (Google).

5) 89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process (Google).

6) B2B researchers do an average of 12 searches before engaging with a brand’s website (Google).

7) 42% of B2B researchers use a mobile during the B2B purchasing process (Google).

8) 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watch video throughout their path to purchase (Google).

9) In the US, B2B ecommerce payments are expected to reach $23.1 trillion by 2020 (Deloitte).

10) After rebranding from AmazonSupply to Amazon Business in 2015, Amazon’s B2B ecommerce operation saw sales of $1 billion in just one year (Statista).

11) 73% of B2B executives agree that customer expectations for personalised experiences are significantly higher than they were a few years ago (Accenture).

12) 78% of B2B buyers consider next day delivery for work purchases to be important or very important (Accenture).

13) B2B ecommerce sales are expected to account for 17% of all B2B sales in the US by 2023 (Forrester).

14) The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for B2B ecommerce is forecast at 10% for the next five years (Forrester).

15) 54% of B2B buyers said a lack of contact information reduced a vendor’s credibility and may cause them to leave a website (Komarketing).

16) 59% of B2B buyers want to see tech support information on a vendor’s website (Komarketing).

17) 46% of B2B buyers leave a vendor’s website due to a lack of a clear message (Komarketing).

18) 69% of B2B buyers are deterred by long forms (Komarketing).

19) 74% of B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making any offline purchases (Forrester).

20) 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content (Content Marketing Institute).

B2B ecommerce is a booming business. Keep these stats handy for those times you need to highlight the impact that your industry is having.

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