The top 3 best practices of content marketing

As content marketing continues to flood all channels, how can you make sure your content is being marketed effectively? Use these 3 best practice methods to make sure your content strategy is performing at the optimum level.

1 – Use one tone of voice across all your content

When different teams in your company contribute to different sections of your website, it can be common for your content to sound different. However, using a first person email which then leads into a corporate third person whitepaper is the quickest way to confuse and disengage your audience.

Your tone of voice and brand go hand in hand, and as brand authenticity becomes more important to buyers so too does your tone of voice. You need to make sure everyone knows what the tone of voice for the company is. Emails, blogs, guides, whitepapers and even phone calls need to sound like they all come from the same company. The more personal your tone of voice across the board, the more inclined your leads are to travel around your website and interact.

2 – Make your content easy to find

It can be easy to get caught up in producing constant content. But the more content you have, the harder it is for your audience to find what they actually need. Remember, the point of content marketing is to answer your audiences questions and enhance your product. If you can’t reach your audience because your content is hidden away in some pocket of your website you risk it not being seen at all. So, make sure you use the correct SEO practices to get it seen on search engines. From there, your content should flow easily into other sections of your website to merge interested traffic into the sales process.

3- Manage your content after it’s published

A lot of marketers don’t consider what they are going to do with their content after it has been published. Will it be on the website indefinitely? If not, when will you delete it? If you keep it, how will you make sure it is always relevant and current?

If you treat each of your content pages as product pages that need to have relevant, up to date and valuable content, you will see a more successful conversion rate. To do this, treat your content like a product that needs constant attention, not a project or extra task in your marketing strategy.

Once you have mastered these three best practices, you’ll be able to create effective marketing workflows.

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