The top 10 words to use for more engaging content

It can be difficult to create engaging content that contains the correct words to draw in your audience in a positive way. A few weeks ago we provided you with the 10 most overused words on LinkedIn – hopefully you have removed those to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Now onto your marketing content. From emails to blogs to brochures, there are a few proven keywords that will instantly increase the engagement you get with your content.

We’ve pulled together our top 10 words to use in your content …

  1. Free: we all like a bargain and even better if it’s free!
  2. Instant: Time is precious so offering something right away is much more appealing
  3. Easy: Keep it simple and make your audiences life easier
  4. You: Speak to your audience not about yourself!
  5. Secret: There are always secrets to success, and we all want to know them
  6. Act now: Encourage an action or an immediate response. (Limited offers are good here)
  7. Never: We are naturally attracted to negative words
  8. How to: Offer a fix to a problem to increase interactions with your content
  9. Real results: It’s what we all aim for!
  10. Proven: Tried and tested solutions are far more attractive

Once your engagement results are up, you’ll need a solid follow-up plan.

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