The Experiment


What makes your audience tick? What gets your customers clicking?

Is the blue button you’re putting on your landing page getting better engagement than the red button? How about that image you’ve been thinking about putting at the top of your email, should it be there? Does an image of a male or female get someone to form fill more than the other?

At CommuniGator, we’re all about the stats and getting our marketing to perform better. So we have teamed up with psychologist Katie Hart of Rhetonic to run a one of a kind experiment to see what your subconscious is up to when faced with choices.

We want to get you all the facts and stats to allow you to make an informed decision on the design of your landing pages and emails, ultimately making your campaigns perform better than ever.


Over the next couple of months we will be testing six performance metrics, over two mediums; landing pages and emails. Using an EEG machine the brain receptors will be measured for the following metrics: Stress, Engagement, Interest, Excitement, Focus and Relaxation.

Willing participants will not only be hooked up to EEG machines, but we will also be recording their screen and faces to get a complete picture.


Our primary research piece will tell you how our brains read, see, feel & understand the emails we receive & the landing pages we deploy. Hopefully we’ll be able to give a steer on the optimum design of an email and a landing page, meaning more conversions and therefore more leads using these two mediums.

Katie will deliver the first-hand research and tell us how what is going on in our heads when we receive emails and visit landing pages. The findings will be launched in February at GatorCon2020.

If you wish to get a copy of the findings please enter your email address below. 

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