The 3 reasons 98% of your website visitors don’t enquire

Around 98% of all our website visitors don’t enquire and out of these visitors 50% are opportunities.

These opportunities don’t enquire for 3 simple reasons…

They are put off by the design

A bad design can immediately lose you 40% of your visitors. Some simple rules to follow are:

  • Make sure you have a good amount of white space
  • Prioritise flat image
  • Stick to your brand colours!

They like the design but not the content

Content drives the majority of traffic to your site. There is nothing worse than spending time, money and effort on getting someone to visit your site for them then to be let down by the resources available. Make sure your content is high-quality and what they’re after.

They can’t find the content they are looking for

Navigation and structure will have a huge impact on your visitor’s user experience. Make it easy… you have less than 2 seconds to keep them on your website, so make sure there is a simple well-structured journey for them to follow.

All 3 reasons have one thing in common…your opportunity is still in the market for your services. Bearing this in mind, would you agree that 98% of your visitors are likely to go and enquire elsewhere? If you answered yes, would you say you are more likely to increase your chance of a sale if you contact them first?

If you answered yes again then take a look at how you can identify your website visitors that are ready to buy and send them to your sales team to proactively follow up.

For further advice on lead generation and website visitor tracking, feel free to check out this guide we wrote on our own IP tracking tool GatorLeads.


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