The 3 most important company sales strategies moving into 2016

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your company strategy for 2016. With a look at the fourth annual State of Salesforce report, we can see the coming trends in sales strategies. Take a look at the 3 most important ones here.

1 – 90% of companies reported that they want to improve the user experience of apps used by sales

Mobile user experience is growing daily, as more and more consumers shop on their phones. With quality and performance more important than brand loyalty, it’s important companies get the user experience right.

To find out where your user journey could use improvement, implement visitor tracking today.

2 – 81% of companies want to increase the use of predictive analytics

As data analysis becomes more detailed, companies are now looking at how to capitalise on their data effectively. With the use of custom UTM filters, marketing departments can now predict buying behaviour more accurately than the past five years.

However, predictive analysis will play just half the role. Using real-time analytics will help with more immediate results that can impact your marketing budget straight away.

3 – 79% of companies want to improve their sales reps’ user experience on mobile devices

Because 61% of customers say Salesforce is difficult to access through mobile it’s no wonder this was a focus for the companies using Salesforce. As the world becomes more mobile, it makes increasing sense to develop a platform that sales reps’ can access at any time in any place.

By providing a product that can be accessed anywhere, productivity levels can expect an increase both from your sales and from an external ROI point of view.

To improve your user journey & get real-time analytics implemented into your company sales strategy, look at what GatorLeads can do for you.

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