The 3 levels essential to successful B2B marketing

B2B marketing trends change constantly based on consumer demands and behaviour. But there are 3 pillars that never change and are essential to any B2B business strategy. As long as you have the following 3 levels in your marketing, you can expect success.

Lead Generation

With 80% of businesses having over 10,000 web visitors a month, knowing who is on your website can improve your results exponentially. With only 49% of your traffic interested in your business though, it’s important to focus on the right website leads.

Lead Generation technology that identifies who is on your website and can “score” how interested they are in your business will allow you to filter your marketing results and focus your sales team on the right opportunities. This will speed up & cleanse your sales pipeline, ensuring the rest of your process is successful.

Lead Nurturing

With 96% of your interested website visitors not ready to buy the first time they visit your website, you need a system that can encourage them to continue interactions on your website. This system can be spread out over time. For example, it could be a 3-tier email campaign that is sent weekly, feeding your prospects more important information each time they interacted with your emails.

Lead Nurturing technology that can identify where your leads are in the sales process, either by working with lead generation technology, CRM software or both, will allow you to create a lead nurturing campaign that moves your leads through the sales process without you even having to intervene. Then, at the end of the cycle, they can be passed onto sales or put back through the cycle if they are not ready.

Marketing Automation

Current marketing automation statistics report that the software, used successfully, is 69% successful at acquiring customers and 50% effective at retaining them. Combine these statistics with what you can achieve with CRM and you have the ideal automated system running in the background, allowing you to focus on driving MORE new business instead.

Marketing automation also isn’t as difficult to implement as you think. There are a number of email campaigns and tools you can use almost immediately. All you need is a guide to get started.

If you’re looking for a broader introduction, why not check out this B2B strategy whitepaper?

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