5 Sun-sational Summer Subject Lines

With the summer holidays’ approaching, your pipeline may be looking a little light on the ground. The masses are away and those that aren’t are spending less time hunched over their laptops and enjoying the great outdoors. Yes. Even in England. On the other hand, vitamin D in the air gets consumers flashing the cash a little more. Below are 5 subject lines to make sure you’re where they’re flashing it.

‘Charlotte’, scorching hot leads await

You have a mere 7 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. How better to do this than by using their name? A little personalization goes a very long way. Report that by using the person’s name, your click-through rate will go up from 2% to 4%.

Much like personalization within subject lines, get your emoji’s out too. They’re eye-catching and add a little bit of fun to your emails.

Long time no sea!

No one is taking life too seriously this time of year. This is a great time to get creative and humorous with your marketing. People like to laugh! On the basis this is on brand for you, reel your customers in with a great pun or quip to get noticed. This one, for example, could be sent to those customers who need some re-engagement to keep them from wandering.

Bag a ticket today!

A little spontaneity never hurt anyone, and it brings your consumer to you in that very moment. Strike while the iron is hot, they say! Avoid time references such as “this month” as they don’t portray a sense of urgency. Across a lot of sectors, summer tends to be the slow point, with so many people away everyone seems to have less on their plate. Take advantage of this by hosting an event! Yes, you might not get the turn out you want, but those that do come along can enjoy an intimate session which is full of rich content and as it’s summer… take them for a beer after! Improving relationships really helps to improve retention.

Save the planet, send an email instead

My point here is to keep your subject lines TOPICAL and RELEVANT, but don’t trick your audience! The aim is to catch their attention with something that will jump out at them. Something they may be able to relate too, or they know a little bit about already. It’ll get them opening your emails and engaging with what you have to say.


This is only ok to do if you really ARE giving away free beer. “Free Beer” was the subject line of an email sent to us from another office on our Quad… Everyone and their mother ran over to the business, to find it was ALCOHOL-FREE. Yes, Ok, they were slightly deceptive, but it got people to engage with them, interact with them and got their name out there. After all, it’s a year later and we’re still talking about it! Throw your audience a bone, a great summer offer such as 20% off integration for this week only!

Holiday Hints

  • Referring to the point made in subject line 1, you have a mere 7 seconds to capture your consumers’ attention, so keep your subjects short and sweet. We suggest not exceeding more than 50 characters to ensure your whole subject line is visible and your message is conveyed correctly.
  • We usually promote an Outlook-style email to really engage your consumers, however during the summer months you can get a little fruitier with design. Use brighter colours and fun visuals to really put your audience in the summer mood.
  • Saving the most important tip for last… TESTING. This is vital and should be the most important part of any campaign you send. The last thing you want is for your email to end up in the dreaded Junk folder. Use our inbox checker and split testing feature to ensure your campaign is getting to the right place and you’re getting the clicks you deserve!

Take these subject lines (and if you’re giving away free beer, add me to your mailing list) and put them into practice over the next few months and see your pipeline glow!

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