Subject Lines Live – Best of April 2022

Did the hunt for an effective subject line leave you looking like an April Fool? These Spotler customers cracked it!

The daily top 5 can be found here.

The Top 5

Content Score
Here is your download – UK Plastic Packaging Tax White Paper 88.05
Here is your download from [sender]! 68.42
How many stars would you give [sender]? 64.74
Your guide to retirement income 63.79
Hi #[Person/FirstName]#, we just need you to confirm. 62.39


The rest of the pack

Average Score: Trending Up

The average of all 150 April subject lines was 17.27%, up from 16.22% in March


Average Length: Trending Down

By character count, 41 to 50 characters remained top, but this month shared it shared the honour with 31 to 40 characters. The exact average length was 45.6 characters.

By word count, 1 to 10 words remained dominant, growing its share from 84.29% in March to 87.33% in March. Just like the previous month no subject lines with more than 20 words featured.


Personalisation: Trending Down, Still Effective

Only 11.33% of our best-performing subject lines in April used personalisation, down from 14.29% in March.

In terms of performance, personalised subject lines continue to do better than non-personalised ones, by roughly the same degree as last month (8 percentage points). High performance and low usage combine to make this a powerful tactic for your emails, whatever function they serve.


Emojis: Trending Down, Performing Badly

After use of emojis doubled from February to March, emojis have slid backwards this month. Only 3.33% of subject lines used them (5 out of 150).

In this case, the majority are right; subject lines without emojis out-performed those with emojis by an average of 4 percentage points. This gap has grown slightly since March.


Sender Name: Trending Down, Slightly Less Effective

Fewer subject lines included the sender’s company name in April than in March (22 vs. 24, 14.67% vs. 17.14%).

While doing so was still more effective than not doing so, it made less difference in April than in March (1.99 percentage points, down from 3.46).


Type: Sales/Marketing rules the roost

Subject lines that we categorise as “Sales/Marketing” have never dipped below 42% of the total since we started analysing. This record remains in April 2022, with 46% of our subject lines falling into this category.

After 3 consecutive months of growth, event invite emails have started to tail off. We weren’t expecting this to happen until closer to summer, when many companies, including Spotler, organise fewer events. This is because school summer holidays mean far fewer people will attend.


Sending Day: Sunday is Send-day!

Sunday remained at the top for another month as the best performing day, with an average CTR of 33.15%. The weekend as a whole was a better time for our senders, by nearly 9 percentage points compared to the average of all weekdays.

If you insist on sending during the office week, Monday remains the best day to send (average CTR 24.45%), while Wednesday takes over from Tuesday as the worst day (average CTR 9.47%).


Over to you!

Feeling inspired? Great, put these tips into practice and watch your CTR soar!

Still not confident? As well as predictive AI tools built into our platform, we’ve created our own subject line analyser, so you can test your subject lines before sharing with your audience. What are you waiting for?

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