Do you know what social scheduling is and how it can help companies such as yours?

Well, we better get talking then!

What good is marketing without social platforms? And more, what good are social platforms without good management?

As social media begins to grow drastically within business usage, staying on top of your social game is something that is becoming extremely important.

Posting content at specific times by identifying the peak time that your prospects will be online is a crucial factor to have in your marketing arsenal, as this will define the amount of engagement that it could potentially receive.

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘social media never sleeps’? As true as this is, don’t let it confuse you; although social media never sleeps, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. Be sure to schedule your posts for appropriate times, always trying to aim for the peak, and avoid overcrowding your page with an excessive number of posts.


What is Social Scheduling?

All the above, brings me to what exactly social scheduling is. It is the act of scheduling your social media posts to air on your social platforms at a particular time that you specify. This means that you can schedule your posts in advance for a particular time you wish for it to be posted regardless of whether you’re at the movies or busy at work at the time. Amazing right?

What’s even more amazing is that we now offer this service to all our clients through our brand-new social platform OBI4WAN – a promising social mastermind that is bound to gear up your social side and make you a social media king or queen.

But why are we making such a big fuss about this? Let me share with you some benefits of this phenomenal tool.


The Pre-Scheduling Benefit

As previously mentioned, a great benefit of this tool is being able to programme in advance, so you can queue up all your ideas whenever you find some spare time, just be sure to remember to alter the air date and time to when you wish. The magic of this is that you are active on your social media without the need to be physically available at the same time.

Due to the feature of pre-scheduling your posts, you don’t need to worry about missing a peak time when you won’t be working, because here you can schedule posts to air at any time regardless of where you are in the world at the time. Yup, you read that correct. The best thing about having such a cool feature is that not only does it permit you to be off work during airtime, but you can be absolutely wherever you want in the world, even if there is no internet connection near you. You could be quad biking in Desert Safari, or scuba-diving in the blue waters of Malaysia, or even camping in Snowdonia, nothing will stop your social media posts from airing at the time you had set them for! Now tell me a bigger benefit than that.


Multiple Accounts, One Platform

When using a social platform such as OBI4WAN, you can schedule posts for all your social media channels by using just one platform to fire them all up. Now whether you have a LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social account, you can add them all onto the social platform, broadcasting content from one place to air on multiple accounts. Whether you want to have identical content across your channels, or varied content, that choice is yours to make – we can cater for both!


Remember to Monitor

Although we have shown you through the magic of social scheduling, that does not mean you pre-schedule and then turn a blind eye. You must monitor the success and engagement of the post, analysing it and ensuring to respond to any questions or concerns. This goes hand in hand with social scheduling and is as equally important. For example, it could just be that a particular post has not received as much engagement as predicted because it was posted at an inconvenient time or during a quieter period than usual.

By monitoring such patterns, you would then re-schedule the rest of your posts for a more convenient time at which your target prospects would be available to come across it, increasing the likeliness of better engagement.


Better Management with Social Scheduling

Without a doubt, we can tell you that social scheduling is bound to supercharge that marketing arsenal of yours, firing up some nice engagement for your social media posts, and allowing you to spend your valuable time in other aspects of your role rather than contributing more time than you need on your social media posts. We are here to make things easier for you whilst also making them better.